Update - New Radio Schedule

Long time no update! It's been a pretty long fruitful summer full of job hunting and moving and now I feel like I finally have the time to get back up to pace with the blog and reboot the radio show for one more year. The schedule for WMUC's upcoming Autumn semester has been posted with MINDGRINDER re-taking Tuesdays at 10PM-12AM, our former timeslot that we held down from Fall 2008-Spring 2009. Unfortunately, Trey is no longer a permanent co-host on the show, but he, along with Hasan from Death By Hanger, is still a member on the blog, so hopefully their contributions will help alleviate some of the downtime in the next year. I'm still shopping around for some more people who might want to contribute to an already established blog, so if you're interested, shoot me an email. Anywho, thanks for the support from those of you that still visit the site and have added us on facebook. We'll be back soon with some tunes.



healy said...

thats not a problem. . .just continue to spread the love of music as long as it doesn't hurt