Looking for Maryland/DC based contributors.

We are currently looking to expand our contributor output here a bit at MINDGRINDER and need writers based in the mid-atlantic region to help out with album reviews and show spots. Experience with HTML and web design is a major plus. Contact here if interested.



WMUC Budget Undercut; Help If You Can

Repost from FB page:

so, our mom WMUC got undercut big time in the University's budget for this upcoming fiscal year (by about 20K), and will have to shut down if it can't raise an alternate means of funding. WMUC is one of the oldest independent radio stations on the East coast, as well as one of the very few still broadcasting on an FM band, yadda yadda....point is there's a lot of history in that station and all the cool stuff we got to do and all the awesome folks we met through MINDGRINDER would have been impossible without WMUC. Donate here to make sure the same opportunities that were available to us during our time on the air are still there for the next batch of rugrats

To donate DIRECTLY to WMUC follow this link.



I know I'm a lying piece of shit when it comes to our posting ambitions but I would reaaaalllllyyyy appreciate it if some of you tuned into the show tonight...which may be the last airing of our show on WMUC. Tune in, call in (301.314.8800) with requests/banter, help us close out with a bang rather than a pathetic little death rattle. The show is tonight at 10PM Eastern time on wmucradio.com.

Playlists from this semester
WMUC Live Internet Stream



Insect Warfare - Endless Execution Thru Violent Resitution + Carcass Grinder Split tracks

More jams for the grindfreaks with an insatiable appetite for blood-beats...here's my favorite Insect Warfare record. There's kind of a Hatred Surge sound on this one, especially on the initial track 'Repulsed By Radiation'. Also, there's a pretty gnarly Razor cover at the end. Check out Insect Warfare's tracks from their split with Carcass Grinder too.

Insect Warfare - Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution
Insect Warfare - Carcass Grinder Split (Insect Warfare Tracks)


Slaughter Strike - Demo

Sorry for the lapse in posts here. whoops.

This is Slaughter Strike (members of The Endless Blockade and RAMMER) from Canada.

Vocals-wise the band sounds JUST like RAMMER, but the similarities between the two bands stop there. To be blunt, the hard-headed tech-death-thrash style of RAMMER doesn't really bleed over too much here--which is not a bad thing. Slaughter Strike is well balanced between Death Metal and The Endless Blockade's brand of grindcore (real grindcore) on the demo...they deliver a pretty vicious grind attack with some grimy breakdowns here and there. It's everything you ever could have hoped for from this pair-up.

Slaughter Strike - Demo

They just released a record on Cyclopian Records, buy it herr

Also thanks to those of you who have still been sticking around since we stopped posting back in July. I'll try to post 2 or 3 things every week if I can manage it from this point on.



On The Air NOW til midnight (eastern time)

stream online: http://wmucradio.com/wmuc-high.m3u


Update - New Radio Schedule

Long time no update! It's been a pretty long fruitful summer full of job hunting and moving and now I feel like I finally have the time to get back up to pace with the blog and reboot the radio show for one more year. The schedule for WMUC's upcoming Autumn semester has been posted with MINDGRINDER re-taking Tuesdays at 10PM-12AM, our former timeslot that we held down from Fall 2008-Spring 2009. Unfortunately, Trey is no longer a permanent co-host on the show, but he, along with Hasan from Death By Hanger, is still a member on the blog, so hopefully their contributions will help alleviate some of the downtime in the next year. I'm still shopping around for some more people who might want to contribute to an already established blog, so if you're interested, shoot me an email. Anywho, thanks for the support from those of you that still visit the site and have added us on facebook. We'll be back soon with some tunes.