NOOTHGRUSH - Erode the Person (Original and Thrones Re-release)

NOOTHGRUSH has only released songs on a little more than a handful of splits and maybe a 7" here and there, so 'Erode the Person', meant to be a compilation, is good representation of their body of work. A bit of a problem arose though, for me at least, when I went to re-download this after my last hard drive died; 'Erode the Person' was released twice--two different albums with separate cover art and track listings. So, to counter-act that, I'm uploading both the original version of 'Erode' along with the "Thrones Release", which was put out 3 years ago. Of the two, I prefer the original for it's tracklisting, as it has 'Gage' and 'Sysyphus Narrow Way', however the "Thrones Release" has it's own edge in sound quality, as well as a few songs exclusive onto itself. Can't go wrong here:

Original 'Erode the Person'
Thrones Release: Part 1 Part 2


The Melvins - Pick Your Battles

Here's a 15-Track CD that was released along with Brian Walsby's Manchild 4--not unlike the first Manchild Walsby released that included the Melvins' 'Making Love Demos'. This disc features 8 tracks from their performance at 'Gilman St. Project in Berkeley, CA back in 1989, while the remaining 7 tracks are from their performance at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, MA last year. Something to bide your time with 'til someone circulates their 25th anniversary show recording...

Melvins - Pick Your Battles




We're doing our last show of the semester tonight--it'll be a best-of spring '09 show; a collection of our favorite tracks played over the past few months, along with a few new tracks, including a couple off of Magrudergrind's new Self-Titled LP and the debut of a brand new 'Behold! The Monolith' track from their new album due to be released sometime over the summer. Show runs from 10pm-12am (eastern time zone). Feel free to call in!



Hail!Hornet - Self Titled

Low-Frequency, Blood-Spittin' Southern Sludge; for fans of Buzzov*en, EYEHATEGOD, and being depressed. The rumble of the Earth-esque opening riff sums the band up for you. They'll still melt your face off and fuck your wife, though.

Hail!Hornet - Self Titled

Hey, did you know that Slipknot's on Metal-Archives, but Agoraphobic Nosebleed isn't? Cool, huh?

An Update!

So...what's going on in our world? Finals week is upon us and I have a whole lot of reading and studying to catch up on if I plan to continue my college career (so don't get all butthurt if I don't respond right away to your meritless mass-email about the country/folk singer your shitty advertising agency is trying to promote...my hands are full.) I figured I might drop some music on you guys...you know, update for the first time in a week...let you know we're still into what we're doing here.

First off, I want to note that next Tuesday will be the last airing of MINDGRINDER for the spring semester of '09 on WMUC. We'll be doing our usual end of the year thing; recycled favorites and all. We'll also be playing another brand new 'Behold! The Monolith' track, which'll be on their record that's due to be released within the year. I know 'Black Skies' is due to be returning to the studio soon...not sure when, but I'm pretty excited about it. 'Kowloon Walled City' is currently recording their first full album, no big details yet.

Also, even though we're not going to be on the air over the summer, we still want to hear your band (especially if you fit our format. take a good guess.) Keep in mind that we love and favor DIY artists. We're also interested in potentially doing some interviews on the air in the future...you know, let us know.

...I'm going to work on changing the site again after school's over--we're obviously behind the times by a couple weeks now, and I fucking hate the color palette now. It looks like barf. I might also try to make the page less 'noisy'. If you have any suggestions, I'm way open to them.

and lastly, I wanted to plug two things: tomorrow will be the last airing of 'Philosophical Discourses' on WMUC2, Eldis and I may come back to do the show next semester...who knows. Also, I'll be sitting during 'Dna in the Dna' tomorrow from 6pm-8pm for Sean's two hour NIRVANA special--this'll be the last radio show I do for a couple months.

Anywho, it'll be dead around here for a week or two as we buckle down here in College Park, keep the faith though.



Behind 1's Back

Piggy Squealin' good Stoner/Thrash/Core Something from the land of the rising sun. Vocals remind me of Hellchild/From Hell/Force, I'm not sure if this band shares their vocalist or not.

Check it out:
Behind 1's Back - We Hate To Follow TheRules

I'm posting this so I can have the opportunity to plug our show tonight--it's an all Japan special; we'll be going over the bands I listed above and a few more. No Boris. Sorry.



Yo, so what do you think of the new color palette?

did we jump the shark?