WHITE SHIT - Sculpted Beef

White Shit is mathematically calculated hardcore murder masterminded by guitarist Andy Coronado (Monorchild, Skull Kontrol, Wrangler Brutes), with Jared Warren on Vox and Coady Willis on Drums (Big Business). Been waiting for this for a loooong time:

White Shit - Sculpted Beef


Depressor - Splits and 7"s

Depressor is Sludge-Thrash from ????. Info on this band is hard to come by...but half the fun in listening to music is finding it, which is very much the case when it comes to Depressor. I've ran across a few splits and 7"s of theirs, along with a record by the band that pre-existed Depressor; Charger (like a more driving-hardcore version of Depressor). Rest assured these are all drum-machine free (and the crustiest most awesome shit you'll hear in awhile):

Self Titled 7"
Book of the Dead 7"
Depressor/Unholy Grave Split
Depressor/Agathocles Split

Charger - Wake Up! Call to Arms 7"



Flesh Parade - Kill Whitey 7" and Extended Version

Apparently RELAPSE decided to release a Flesh Parade Comp. of the same name as their "Kill Whitey 7""...

Kill Whitey 7" (Vinyl)
Kill Whitey (Extra Demo Tracks)



Yeah, this is totally a thinly veiled reminder for you guys to listen to our radio show at 10pm. But hey...Bass&Drums cover of 'Scum'? Emo-crushin' tunes? Face-melting gritty ass grind? Blastbeats out your asshole with basslines that just won't quit?

Shit...are we even relevant anymore?




Reality Comp. (Part 1)

In response to smart-ass comments:

Reality 7"

Excruciating Terror - In Control
Lack of Interest - Impeached
Despise You - Copied Demise
Spazz - Gnome Servant
Crom - Hungry?
Man is the Bastard - Tomb Ride

source of power: Kick to Kill

Reality Part #2 Comp.

Every single band you've ever really liked is on this compilation...and you know what else?

They're all broken up now.


Asshole Parade - Soldiers
Excrutiating Terror - Without Mercy
Dystopia - Backstabber
Infest - Cold Inside
Despise You - Memories of Tomorrow
Lack of Interest - No Sweat
Gasp - Planet Of The Apes
Suppression - Gangland Bodystak'em
Noothgrush - Encasing
NoComply - The Empire Kids
Spazz - Animal Liberation Now
Purgatoria - Infamous Deception
Man Is The Bastard - Untitled
Capitalist Casualties - Sentenced
Stapled Shut - Chavala
Enemy Soil - Common Ground
Evolved to Obliteration - Fucked up Asshole
Bad Acid Trip - Plate of Shrimp
C:### - Skidmark

Reality Part #2 Comp.



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Giant Squid - The Icthyologist (2009)

Giant Squid is doomy ocean-metal. Giant Squid is the band you desperately want to be playing over the loudspeakers at the aquarium if only they would let you put your CD in and not call security you mother-fuckers. Forget The Ocean Collective. Forget Isis's Oceanic. Forget Dethklok's Fish Album. This is the real deal.

I read an interview where their singer was talking about how reviewers always try to come up with a complicated and unique way to label their music. Well, good news for you guys. Mine is the right one, so you can all start using it immediately. Seriously, call your friends or something. OCEAN-METAL.

This album is really awesome actually, and improves significantly over their previous effort (Metridium Fields). I loved listening to it except when I got side-tracked and started listening to Madonna.

Lots of people said that Aaron Gregory’s vocals sounded like Serj Tankian on their first album. The comparison is still easily made (My dad made a reference to it when I played this for him for the first time) but I think the band has really done a lot to downplay the vocals and let the bass and guitar lines ebb and flow. See, oceans ebb and flow too. I’m a genius.

Personally, I thought Neonate from their first album was awesome. It was doomy and really catchy and had some really great male-female vocals. This important thing for me though was that it rocked pretty hard, which is something that can't be said for a good portion of The Icthyologist. Sure, the album is pretty heavy most of the time but I don't sense that fiery energy of the younger, less mature Giant Squid from Metridium Fields. However, by comparison to Neonate, the rest of Metridium Fields is not nearly as interesting with a few exceptions. The Icthyologist, in this case is better than it's predecessor because all the material is of excellent quality, and begets listening to the thing from start to finish in one sitting.

The lyrics in this thing are melodramatic, but also pretty gruesome and disturbing at times. As far as I can tell, all the songs are first person, from things like a boat captain to a dinosaur to a fish with a depressing slant to them. But hell, you'll never understand the lyrics anyway and they're not a highlight.

Ultimately, people will come to view Giant Squid as a pretentious band with their post-rock leanings, checkered shirts and box-frame glasses and string instruments. Get past that, and the occaisonal trough among the many peaks, and I think you'll find a unique and talanted band that's making interesting music in a crowded market.

I give it 4 squids out of 5, with a point off for calling the songs ridiculous latin fish names.



Carcinogen - Kure (Demo)

Carcinogen existed in the early nineties and was a starting point for Dystopia bassist Todd and drummer Dino. They're commonly referred to as "Pre-Dystopia", as their demo offers a early look at the later band. As I see it, their demo is just as primordial, thrashy and grinding as Carcass' first record. If anyone has their promo, give me a shout.

Carcinogen - Kure (demo)

Dystopia Shits



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