FREE METAL SHOW: Nocnitsa and Ol' Scratch

Live on Third Rail: Nocnitsa; Black Metal from Baltimore, and Ol' Scratch; Doom Metal from the good land of Virginia.

May 4th: 6pm-9pm @ WMUC Studios (above the 3130 South Campus Dining Hall). This event is open the the public. Come support local metal! (You can also stream the show live during it's broadcast on WMUC's Website.)

Nocnitsa 2008 Live Tracks: Thanks to Jeff Mewbourn for taping this!
Ol' Scratch Live in 2008: Thanks to our brothers at Sludge Swamp!


Playlist for 4.28.08

Playlist for 4/28/08

Kylesa - Where The Horizon Unfolds
Nocnitsa - Extinction is Bliss
Ol' Scratch - Beridden
Unsane - Against the Grain
Godflesh - Streetcleaner
Malevolent Creation - Coronation Of Our Domain
Melvins - A History of Bad Men
Dystopia - ? (Rehearsal Instrumental)
The Christpunchers - Black Lung In The Age of Crime
Made Out Of Babies - Proud To Drown
Grief - Torso
Roky Erickson - Love To See You Bleed
G.G. Allin - Murder For The Mission
Toadliquor - Sections of Interstellar Space
Gored - Mechanisms
EyeHateGod - Left to Starve
Harvey Milk - Merlin is Magic


MINDGRINDER stuff.....

So, I wanted to take some time to update some of you on the status of our show and some stuff about our blog.

First off; I wanted to clarify something--this blog isn't centered around the albums/songs that we post, like most music blogs, but rather our radio show; hence the blog being pocked with playlist posts. The poll at the bottom of the page is for music being played on our show....not music that we upload here. So...if you like the stuff we're sharing with you--you might discover some more stuff you like on our show. Our show's on at 4-6am (Eastern Time Zone) on Mondays -- you can stream it on the WMUC Website, and you can also download our show from the Show Archive (on the main page) if you can't catch our show live/don't want to stay up til FOUR IN THE FUCKING MORNING (we'll have a better slot next semester). You could listen to our show from work....download it to your iPod and listen to it while you're driving, play it really loud to annoy your neighbors, WHATEVER--just let the grinder into your household. Now, enough with my weak persuasion attempts...

Next up...grinder during the hot season. We're not entirely sure if we're going to continue grinder through the summer...when we know--you'll know; however, if we don't, we'll pick up and continue the show at the start of the Fall Semester (August/September). Also, in the same possibility that we don't do the show during the summer; I'll start my own show outside of safe harbor (this is the interval of time where we can play songs containing offensive content, which is from 9/10 pm, to 6 am. The FCC is a real bitch.) and play pretty much whatever I want. But--whatever happens, we'll still update the blog in the same fashion we have in the past couple of months.

And lastly: this concerns bands with demo tapes/cds that want to be played on the air. You're more than welcome to send your stuff, just contact me at FredWhite3(*-at-*)gmail.com, and we'll swap information. I'm still accepting demos; if I don't get your tape/CD before this semester is over, I will still play it on whatever show I host during the summer (as long as I can get away with the content of it outside of safe harbor). So--the offer is STILL ON THE TABLE. Do you want your band played on the air? Contact me.

And, that's it. This has been a pretty fun semester on the radio and I've met a lot of great people, on and off the internets. Hopefully we can continue producing the quality that we've maintained so far, keep having fun with grinder(and keep from flunking out!), and most of all, keep bringing you guys great new music; both on the airwaves and on the internets. See you Monday.



Big Business. (Tour EP I)

Early Biznazz in the works. Took me awhile to actually find a copy of this--had to negotiate with the Russians. Sorry if it's getting redundant around here...but SHIT; it's Big Business.

Tour EP I. If you're interested in purchasing this sucker...better jump on it soon; Wantage USA is running low on copies.

(They'll be recording new material this summer)

--El fred


Big Business. (Tour EP II)

The first time I heard Big Business was back in 2006 while I was working at a record store. Keep in mind that back then I wasn't aware of Jared's previous bands The Whip and KARP; so as you can imagine, I was pretty dumbfounded by their unique sound and the fact that all that noise and energy was being created by two people. The idea of a Power-Duo was somewhat alien to me at the time--which made them even more appealing; although nowadays I'm much more familiar with bands who only have two members on instruments (like Iron Lung and a possible new obsession; Double Dagger).

This EP was actually the first thing I ever from them; it consists of three songs that eventually made it on their second album, Here Come the Waterworks, and another song that we played on our show yesterday; "Be Stiff". Try to pretend it's 2006 again and that you've never heard anything from BB, KARP, or The Whip: d/l.

Also: Keep in mind that the three songs on this EP that later made it onto Waterworks are DIFFERENT VERSIONS. Could benefit from adding it to your collection.


NOTE (4/22): So it has come to my attention that Big Business is no longer a "duo". Toshi Kasai (who has done sound engineering on Jelvins, Melvins, and Big Business records) has officially joined the band; as of March 2008. You may recognize him as the little asian dude with the guitar who was making a bunch of crazy noises if you saw them live late 2006/early 2007. Congrats Toshi--glad to have you on board.

(That's him next to Danny DeVito; who has subsequently joined the Melvins as a double-necked grind sitarist)


Happy 4/20 -- Playlist

Playlist for 4/21/08

Alice in Chains - God Am
Boris - Huge
Big Business - Be Stiff
King Snake Roost - Gutterbreath
Amen Ra - Die Strafe. Am Kreuz. Ich Schreibe eine Bible in Blut.
Birushanah - Akai Yami
Cavity - Pulling Up The Stakes
Faucet - Steel Belted Penis
Sleep - Evil Gypsy - Solomon's Theme
Crowbar - Obedience Thru Suffering
Eternal Elysium - Splendid, Selfish Woman
Thrones - Coal Sack
Desert Sessions - The Idiot's Guide
Don Caballero - New Laws
EyeHateGod - Shinobi
Oroku - Drow
Dozer - Captain Spaceheart
Unearthly Trance - Penta(grams)

Alot of Buzzy songs. Yeah....


Melvins Night Goat 7"

There's a Pussy Galore cover and Joe Preston was on it. 'Nuff said.

Manchild 3 -- The Melvins Making Love Demo

So Brian Walsby has released his 3rd comic art book; for those of you not familiar with him--he used to draw illustrations for magazines back in the 80s (Flipside--Maximum Rock N Roll, you see what I'm getting at...). But what is of interest to US, is the CD included with the book. Included with Manchild 3 is a Digital Copy of a Melvins demo from 1987; which is more than enough of an incentive to pony up the cash for the book. Get at it:

The Melvins - [1987] "Making Love Demo"

Amazon (Come on, it's like 12 bucks.)


BIG BEAR Super Post

BIG BEAR the Infamous Rapper

BIG BEAR the Math Rock Band



I'm uploading these as requested by a friend--these are just a few of my favorite Iron Lung tunes with some Shank mixed in...I know I've played all of these once or twice on the air (whether on grinder or some show I've filled in for).

Iron Lung
Pushing Life
Modified for Arm Abduction

Adhesive the Equipment
Keepin' it Real (Dumb)

I would totally tell you guys where to buy these wonderful albums...but I really can't find them online anywhere. I suppose I'm not looking hard enough.


(P.S. >> Thanks to LoRes fer the violence with power)

Playlist for 4/14/08

Playlist 4/14/08

Electric Wizard - Satanic Rites of Drugula
The Misfits - American Nightmare
Spiritual Beggers - Blessed
Sons of Otis - Mississippi Queen
Cherubs - Stag Party
Cherubs - Dave of the Moon
Goatsnake - What Love Remains
Mastodon - Capillarian Crest
Earthlings? - Rock Dove
Electrozombies - La Virgen Llora Sangre
Janitor Joe - Pest
Tar - Barry White
Faucet - Theresa
Neurosis - Within
Isis - Streetcleaner
Big Bear - Track 9 (none of the tracks on the album are named)

*note: haha, this is not the Big Bear we played. Just thought this was hilarious.*

Shellac - Prayer to God
Tone - Confidence and Progress

This has been pretty much our best show so far--if you're not familiar with us yet and haven't heard any of our broadcasts yet, this would be an excellent place to start.



Cows Super Post

This shit is fucking impossible to find. You have no idea.

Orphan's Tragedy
Sorry in Pig Minor
Daddy Has A Tail

Enjoy and tune in on Monday--we'll be discussing the geopolitical agenda of the United States and their conquest of the Middle East...or how much we hate Axl Rose.


Helios Creed - Kiss to the Brain

As appreciation for the wonderful blogger who posted the first Helios Creed album on Lucidmedia (lucidmedia.blogspot.com), here is Kiss to the Brain by the aforementioned. I only own this one album by him, but what an album this is...

Imagine listening to The Residents, at half the RPM, on LSD. The opening track, XL-35 and Throw Away the Rind (which we played on the show) are my favorites.

You're doing yourself a huge favor



I got a promo for this album a couple of years ago....how can I start to even describe this? This band is fucking behemoth. Titanic. Gargantuan even. This will crush your fucking skull. Fucking killer skulking funeral doom. Epic heaviness. This will eat your fucking soul. Writing about it makes me want to listen to it again. Download this. Buy this. If you don't you will regret it.

AHAB - Call of the Wretched Sea

Playlist for 04.07.08

4/07/08 - K. Cobain Edition

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain - Smells Like Teen Spirit
NIRVANA - Spank Thru
NIRVANA - Aero Zeppelin
Beatles - In Your Life
Slayer - Chemical Warfare
CELTIC FROST - (From The) North Winds
David Bowie - Speed Of Life
Leadbelly - In The Pines
Led Zeppelin - Heartbreaker
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
Beat Happening - Tiger Trap
The Knack - My Sharona
Melvins - Grinding Process
Melvins - Matt-Alec
Melvins - Forgotten Principles
Fecal Matter - Downer
Fecal Matter - Unknown Song #7/Vaseline
GnR Stage Banter
GnR - I.R.S.
Judas Priest - The Ripper
The Breeders - Doe
The Breeders - Hellbound
Sonic Youth - Mildred Pierce
Sonic Youth - Drunken Butterfly
TAD - Wood Goblins
The Boredoms - Jet Net
NIRVANA - Heart-Shaped Box
Bad Brains - Attitude
Bad Brains - We Will Not
Black Flag - Loose Nut
NIRVANA - I Hate Myself and Want To Die
FANG - The Money Will Roll Right In
Flipper - Ha Ha Ha
NIRVANA - You Know You're Right (Original Mix)

Also, this totally slipped my mind when we were on the air:

Thank you Mike Ziegler for surfacing the some of the sources (and so many many more) that we used this morning. Your effort is appreciated.


Fecal Matter Demo

Here it is; The Infamous Fecal Matter demo, leaked by sources unknown.

Part 1
Spank Thru
Unknown Song #6
Buffy's Pregnant
Unknown Song #7

Part 2
Sound of Dentage
Commercials (Audio Collage)

Part 3
Bambi Slaughter
Made Not Born
Unknown Song #1

Not Quite Faces of Death

But Rather "Traces of Death":
Part 1

Part 2

Whatever, gore is GORE.



Another Obligatory TAD Post

Just because they rule.

TAD - Texas Chainsaw Assault

I know absolutely nothing about this album; much less whether it's an official live album, a bootleg, or whatever. I just know more people need to have this in their collection. It's some weird compilation of live stuff from 93/94 with some singles mixed in at the end. Enjoy kids.




Every once in a grymn moon one band breaches from the underground and shakes the Earth to it's core. This band is no exception. ABBA formed in the early 70s and made their way to becoming progenitors of Swedish Brutal-Black Death Metal. Offering a blend of twisted and maniacal lyrics (One more look and I forget everything, w-o-o-o-oh *death growl*), and devastating face melting keyboard melodies, ABBA will make you wish you were never born. Classic Metal hits, such as "Ripped From the Womb", "I Wanna Fuck Your Wounds (premature emasculation)", and "Trapped in a Room (with a chainsaw)", have been recently remastered and set for release on DiabolicalDeth Records in 2009--however WE have the exclusive.

ABBA - Woundfucker (EP)

Lick it up.