MINDGRINDER stuff.....

So, I wanted to take some time to update some of you on the status of our show and some stuff about our blog.

First off; I wanted to clarify something--this blog isn't centered around the albums/songs that we post, like most music blogs, but rather our radio show; hence the blog being pocked with playlist posts. The poll at the bottom of the page is for music being played on our show....not music that we upload here. So...if you like the stuff we're sharing with you--you might discover some more stuff you like on our show. Our show's on at 4-6am (Eastern Time Zone) on Mondays -- you can stream it on the WMUC Website, and you can also download our show from the Show Archive (on the main page) if you can't catch our show live/don't want to stay up til FOUR IN THE FUCKING MORNING (we'll have a better slot next semester). You could listen to our show from work....download it to your iPod and listen to it while you're driving, play it really loud to annoy your neighbors, WHATEVER--just let the grinder into your household. Now, enough with my weak persuasion attempts...

Next up...grinder during the hot season. We're not entirely sure if we're going to continue grinder through the summer...when we know--you'll know; however, if we don't, we'll pick up and continue the show at the start of the Fall Semester (August/September). Also, in the same possibility that we don't do the show during the summer; I'll start my own show outside of safe harbor (this is the interval of time where we can play songs containing offensive content, which is from 9/10 pm, to 6 am. The FCC is a real bitch.) and play pretty much whatever I want. But--whatever happens, we'll still update the blog in the same fashion we have in the past couple of months.

And lastly: this concerns bands with demo tapes/cds that want to be played on the air. You're more than welcome to send your stuff, just contact me at FredWhite3(*-at-*)gmail.com, and we'll swap information. I'm still accepting demos; if I don't get your tape/CD before this semester is over, I will still play it on whatever show I host during the summer (as long as I can get away with the content of it outside of safe harbor). So--the offer is STILL ON THE TABLE. Do you want your band played on the air? Contact me.

And, that's it. This has been a pretty fun semester on the radio and I've met a lot of great people, on and off the internets. Hopefully we can continue producing the quality that we've maintained so far, keep having fun with grinder(and keep from flunking out!), and most of all, keep bringing you guys great new music; both on the airwaves and on the internets. See you Monday.