Melvins Night Goat 7"

There's a Pussy Galore cover and Joe Preston was on it. 'Nuff said.


noisebreather said...

Hey! good one! taking this!
anyway, about the UNSANE: I'm actually working on a mega-post (10 albums)for the SludgeSwamp. check anytime now; I'm just having trouble loading images right this minute...(???)

The Bomber said...

Man, just wanna say thanks for all the Melvins stuff you posted here... being a huge fan from the 60s garage and a grunge lover.

Its a new discover for me. . . so I m kind a new in the subject, i ll appreciate if you can recommend me more stuff of them or the best bootlegs of the band,

please if you can contact me at: monferroargentina@gmail.com