YDI - Black Dust

This record came out at a time when the blending of different genres and types of extreme music was generally frowned upon. Black Dust represents a mild blending of Heavy Metal and Hardcore punk...yet somehow, people still talk shit on this record to this day. See for yourself:

YDI - Black Dust
(classic Philly Hardcore)

Also, check out their much praised EP, A Place In The Sun

S.D.S. (not the activist kids)

S.D.S. (Societic Death Slaughter) is Japanese Crustcore. Like ambient Japanese Crustcore with songs reaching as long as 10 minutes. This blew my head off:

S.D.S. - Ameber

Real Reggae - Maze + THC Best

Real Reggae is Japanese Hardcore...a weird fusion of hardcore. This record spans over many varied subgenres of hardcore, like thrashcore, powerviolence, Oi Punk, traditional hardcore, and Bad-Brains style "Reggaecore" (albeit very rarely on this record). RR do exceptionally, and surprisingly, pretty well at capturing the energy of every single of them.

If only the cover art was better.

Real Reggae - Maze + THC Best

Beatles - Rubber Soul (personal vinyl rip)

I don't believe this record needs any sort of introduction...this is my personal vinyl rip of my original old ass copy of the album, all the pops, hisses, and crackles included...I've even left in the sound of the needle picking up and dropping on the record. OH THE NOVELTY.

Beatles - Rubber Soul

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Merry Christmas, from your friends at MINDGRINDER!


Iron Lung // Hatred Surge Split {POWERVIOLENCE}

This isn't really a split, but more of a collaboration between the two bands, "released" sometime earlier this year. I say "released", because realistically, the only place you can find this record...is on the internet. The Collab. was released on 100 test copies, of which you'd have to pay a pretty penny to obtain. Rumor is that the record will be released on an official pressing early 2009....but 'til then....

Iron Lung // Hatred Surge Collab.

okay okay. bigger question. since when the hell did buzzo have a gold tooth?


How in the hell is Helter Skelter a Beatles song?


Finals! (fuck!)

As you've probably noticed...we've fallen behind in terms of posts--but hey we've got our reasons. I for one, am still rebuilding my collection from when my drive failed, and Trey totally fried his laptop. Expect some updates once winter break starts (after this weekend).

Cannibal Corpse!

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Suddenly, Krallice makes absolutely no fucking sense.


Harvey Milk - Life... The Best Game in Town (2008)

Some people like to say "expect the unexpected." Those people are cliche-mongers and you shouldn't listen to them anymore. With this album, it's safe to say "don't expect anything," because the less you expect from it, the more you get out of it.

Let me explain: Harvey Milk is a fucking incredible band. When you were down in Athens checking out R.E.M these guys were rocking fucking faces with their down-tuned, "slow n' weird" sideshow doom. Forget sludge, these guys are more like goo; you don't know exactly what it is but it's ugly, moves slow, and you don't want it in your house.

The reason you can't expect anything from them is because you'll always get confused halfway through the album. Maybe you heard The Pleaser and you want some southern cock rock. Well there's a few of those on here, sure (Barnburner). Or maybe you heard Joe Preston played bass for them this time around and you were expecting some Melvins-inspired noise or sludge. Yeah, there's that too (Death Goes to the Winner, Decades) but you're really missing the point here...

Namely you're missing the math rock sludge ala Keelhaul in "After All I've Done, This is How You Repay Me?" Or the just plain bizarre slow rock of "Motown."

Don't put them down as a "genre-hopper" band though, there's always a "Harvey Milk" quality to all the music they put out that sounds uniquely them. This shit's not even really that challenging to listen to, so I don't wanna hear any complaining. Anyway, give it a shot, I think it's the best thing they've done since Courtesy

Harvey Milk - Life... The Best Game in Town (2008)

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