YDI - Black Dust

This record came out at a time when the blending of different genres and types of extreme music was generally frowned upon. Black Dust represents a mild blending of Heavy Metal and Hardcore punk...yet somehow, people still talk shit on this record to this day. See for yourself:

YDI - Black Dust
(classic Philly Hardcore)

Also, check out their much praised EP, A Place In The Sun


seAoxen said...

Yeah this is one killer album man and is probably the quintissential crossover album to my thinking. Anyone who doesn't like this - well they just don't like hardcore really because this kind of originality, power and killer songs is what HC is all about. What an amazing ride.

Anonymous said...

Great album. Spits in the face of HC with brutal deathlike metal. Kinda early Slayer with a weird personality. "I saw you rich bitch and I raped you violently" Rich lyrics.