I had the pleasure of seeing these guys play live at DNA Test Fest a couple of weekends ago, and they were easily my favorite band that played the second night (if you missed out on it--GO NEXT YEAR.) Y-DI is an old-school hardcore band hailing from Philly. In their lifespan, they released one EP, which is included in this post, one LP, and they were also featured on the Philly Hardcore Comp. "Get Off My Back" (which I can probably track down if you want it).

These guys are just as energetic as they were back in '83--if you happen to live in the Philly area, I suggest you check them out at The Khyber; they're playing a show there on the 21st of August.

Y-DI - A Place In The Sun



mold said...

i found this to be quite badass!

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