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So I wanted to take some time to announce a few things...

First off--Trey and I are trading shows for the week, so I'm going to be doing Beckett's Metal, and Trey will be handling Pat Robertson. We do this because we get bored extremely easily. We'll be keeping within the formats of the show (sort of), but it should be a good listen.

Secondly, for the last broadcast of Pay-To-Play: Pat Robertson's Crust and Powerviolence Hour, I plan to do something similar to that of what we did with our last MINDGRINDER show of the previous semester; I'm going to gather all of my favorite songs from this past season and fill up Two Hours with it; it'll probably be all Hardcore/Crust/Powerviolence; no metal :(

Lastly--the summer is slowly coming to an end, which means the fall semester at College Park is about to start...and along with that--a brand new fall schedule for WMUC. Trey and I are going to come back together to do MINDGRINDER again, and along with that, I'm going to give the blog a fresh coat of paint, Grinder Graphic (which is fucking AWESOME), and mix things up a bit. We're also working on getting some new bands to play live in the studio...just wait and see in the next couple of weeks.



ipecac said...

handling pat robertson...

every pre-pubescent boy's dream


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