Depressor - Symbols

One Part Crust--another part Death Metal--sprinkle on some Doom, drum machines, and Sepultura...and you've got yourself some Depressor. There's not a whole lot I can say about the band...they definitely got themselves a niche with the drum machine...albeit it's a little grating at moments (with all that dinky "chinking" and "tinking"), but overall it's a good, thrashy, brutal opus. Check it:

Depressor - Symbols

(yell at me if you've got any of their other stuff)


Seldon Hunt

A quick BTW...the beautiful artwork for that Porn/Merzbow collaboration was done by Seldon Hunt, the same artist who created album art for Neurosis, Dark Throne, Nadja, and a few Hydra Head hardhitters, as well as some awesome illustrative and photography work. Give the man some love: http://www.seldonhunt.com/

PORN (The Men of) & Merzbow

If you aren't familiar with the Men of Porn yet, check out this earlier post.

This record is a "collaboration" between PORN and Japanese Lord of cacophony, Merzbow. There's not a whole lot I can honestly say about this album...if you're a fan of PORN, it's a new album release (hooray)! If you're a fan of Merzbow, you'll dig it without a doubt.

Sincere Moment:
Don't download this expecting to reap some fresh PORN material. My take on the record is that Merzbow borrowed the masters for "Wine, Women, and Song" and did his own thing with it...but it's still an interesting listen, don't let me dissuade you. Check it out:

Porn & Merzbow - ...And the Devil Makes Three
Part One
Part Two


diSEMBOWELMENT - Transcendence Into The Peripheral

"Disembowelment" is the act of removing vital organs from the abdomen, either by large incision or blunt force. In England, being "hanged, drawn, and quartered" involved the mounting of prisoners onto a large wooden block, after which would follow the slow disemboweling and emasculation thereof. In Japan, disembowelment was used as a method of self-execution by Samurai to free themselves from past dishonors (however they later turned to decapitation as a more humane alternative).

In Australia, Disembowelment (diSEMBOWELMENT) is a death/doom metal band based in Melbourne. At times, diSEMBOWELMENT is very comparable and similar to acts like "My Dying Bride", but they manage to break such a mold with trappings lifted from other genres, like incorporating Funeral Doom tromps, Melodic Black Metal interludes (albeit very rarely), and hearty, but not overbearing, death growls. This is their only full album release:

diSEMBOWELMENT - Transcendence Into The Peripheral




New schedule has been announced for WMUC--MINDGRINDER's retaking it's old spot at Tuesday from 10pm-12am.

Also in newer news, my laptop's crippled, so it might be a week or so before I start posting uploads again.




MINDGRINDER - "Actually good extreme music blog"


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Being out of school has been interesting, and I've probably been about as productive as I was during our summer break. It's just been a lot sitting around til 4 at the night listening to the same 4 or 5 bands and going out to see shows every now and then. I've collected a good amount of Jap. Grindcore that I've yet to sort through...

I keep running into this wall of shitty awful music that I can't sidestep or navigate around. One of those bands is Waiting For Decay, which was recently uploaded to Sludge Swamp--here's my own upload of the album:

Waiting For Decay - Arena For The Unwell

I apologize now for my inability to put this eloquently...but this album fucking sucks. It's really really terrible. It sounds like Metallica if they stopped tossing riff salad, went back to their Load/ReLoad/Black Album era, and recorded an entire album of "hard" acoustic songs. It's all here--the alternative cliche "emotion-drenched" singing, the awful heart felt lyrics about how BROKEN he is, the loud-quiet dynamic, the chain wallets. It's something this guy would listen to:

Fuck that guy. Don't download it.

Anything relatively decent that I've run across has been stuff that Hasan from Death By Hanger pointed me towards, like:

Hotbild - Vemod
(Blackened Crustcore, Crusty Black Metal, or something...)

Rotten Sound - Cycles

There's also this band out found out of my own volition:

El Buzzard - Tranquilizante Del Elefante
("screamo" is what a lot of people are calling this, sounds more like KARP worship to me)

The group broke up sometime around 2007 and uploaded their entire catalog onto their site for free download. If you like what you hear, check it out.

Shows attended throughout the break:
News Years Eve: Magrudergrind w/ Poison Planet, Coke Bust, Born Bad @ the Corpse Fortress
1/2/09 Surroundings w/ Mammoth Grinder, Triac, DEATHAMMER, and Ramming Speed (and some band with Bird in title...) @ the Corpse Fortress
1/3/09 NOCNITSA w/ some big goateed gentleman with a bass guitar that kept a man who played the bongos with him, and a Disc Jockey that played Harsh Black Ambient @ the Talking Head Club

Vague Events:

We're due to be back on the air the week of the first day of classes, which is the 25th or so. Still no word on our placement in the schedule...hopefully it'll be close to what we had last semester.




PA brought this to my attention, and it's just fucking ridiculous



Happy New Years! (especially to that guy from Geneve who just downloaded like 12 albums)