Orange Goblin

This one's another promo I got at my last job, Orange Goblin's "Healing Through Fire". This was my first run in with the band...my boss described them as "Danzig if he was in a stoner rock band". This is some heavy, sludgy, 70s nostalgia stuff; enjoy it: Orange Goblin - Healing Through Fire



INSTRUMENTAL DUTCH NOISE SLUDGE WHATEVER. They're good. I enjoy them. You will too.
Mean Man's Dream

(don't confuse this with german goregrind band "Gored")


Flower Travellin' Band

Flower Travellin' Band was a Japanese Psychedelic band from the late 60s/early 70s. They started off as a 60s rock cover band, until eventually covering Black Sabbath and shooting off into a sound of their own. There's not many places online where you can get most of their albums in one place--enjoy it while you can:

Made in Japan

Eccentric Doomy Japanese Psychedelia. If you're not familiar with the band yet, I would start off with Satori.



Internet Troubles at the Household

Have patience.