INSTRUMENTAL DUTCH NOISE SLUDGE WHATEVER. They're good. I enjoy them. You will too.
Mean Man's Dream

(don't confuse this with german goregrind band "Gored")


Maarten said...

What a great band! The first two albums are both amazingly good. Monotonous, instrumental heavy riffing, played with the same mind set as many Neurosis clones do these days. Just when I thought the Melvins were the only band doing this Swans/Black Flag/punk thing in the early 80's, I discovered Gore.

They did a few Peel Sessions and recorded an album after this one with Albini. Also did a split with Rollins band.

Drummer went to play with Casper Brotzmann, bassist and founder is the manager of some ex Dutch Idols winner I beleive.

fred said...

Cool man, thanks for the info!

Roger Camden said...

Both this record and Hart Gore are being released as a double CD and on LP (I imagine individually), so a revival of interest in this group is imminent.
Thanks for the opportunity to preview.
I've read much about this band in the past few days, so it's good to be able to finally hear something.
I'd like to point out that the split with Henry Rollins was a talking record not a music record (for his contribution). The Gore side was a live track.

Anonymous said...

Great post - and now I don't have to record my album onto the PC. :) Cool Moss post too!

Wahnfried von Mannteufel said...
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Wahnfried von Mannteufel said...

more GORE: