Dale Crover - Drumb 7"

I know some dude requested this here about a year ago...pretty much no one has a rip of this, so this is my christmas present to him and all of you.

This is Dale Crover's only legit solo release. It was released back in '96 with somewhere around 200-500 copies I'm pretty sure. Side A is Drums and Noise (Four Words), while Side B is Side A backwards (Sdraw Kcab). I ripped the record at both 45RPM and 33RPM, as I wasn't sure which was the right speed...but it sounds a hell of a lot more evil at 33. Included with the download are complete scans of the front, back, and inlay of the sleeve, as well as a scan of Dale's short-lived minizine "Drumb" (props to themelvins.net).

Dale Crover - Drumb 7"

Excerpt from Dale's Drumbzine:

Q: What has three legs and an a**h%!$ on top?
A: A drum throne.

Q: How do you know when a drummer is at the door?
A: The knock speeds up.
A: When you say come in, he comes in late.
A: By the domino's uniform.

Q: A drummer who can keep time, A drummer who can't keep time, and Santa Claus are walking down the street. A $50 bill blows by. Who gets it?
A: The drummer who can't keep time. The other 2 do not exist.

Enjoy and have a good christmas/break/whatever the fuck


Here are a few of Dale's efforts from the past twenty something years, including his Solo EP, released with the Melvins:

Melvins - Dale Crover EP
Melvins - Night Goat 7"
Porn (The Men Of) - Wine, Women and Song
NIRVANA - Live 8/20/1990 w/ Dale on drums
Shrinebuilder (w/Wino, Scott Kelly, and Al Cisneros)

POWERVIOLENCE and Hardcore Christmas Drop

All Winners Here:

Noose - 2009 Demo (Winnipeg, Canada)
Eddie Brock - 2009 Demo ((superpowersviolence) from Baltimore)
Sylvester Staline - Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Kids With the Royalties Gained From This... (France)
Kent Brockman - Crustcoreviolence EP (Germany)
I Decide - Spiking Drinks with Holy Water (DC Hardcore)

Old Familiars:
Magrudergrind / Sylvester Staline Split
Infest - Mankind 7"
Spazz / Floor Split
Hatred Surge - Isolated Human EP New EP!!

--fred (More later today)


Damage Digital

Grindcore from the land of the rising sun and one of my favorites from the area--for fans of Discordance Axis and Napalm Death.


Damage Digital - Moss



Noosebomb - Brainfood for the Braindead

I assume that because you're on this blog you like bands like Noosebomb, so here's some Noosebomb. With two members from Grief, scratchy-throat vocals, grinding guitars, liberal use of samples and an overall lethargic tempo you pretty much know from the first song what you're getting in to, though elements of grind, d-beat, and straight up punk peek through. Fans of Grief certainly won't be disappointed.
Final Verdict: this is the kind of music I like to get drunk to.


Faction Disaster - 3 Minute EP (Tape)

power-violence from Michigan; another thrashmouth release
(limited to 25 copies)

Shut the Fuck Up
Outrageous Decisions pt.2
Spastic Breakdancing
Mouth to Mouth Regurgitation
Smoke PCP and Kill Everyone in Sight



(more tapes tomorrow)


Salome playing 'Master Failure' in NY



Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt

Another 'Southern Lord' treasure -- Those dudes from SUNN O))) team up with a norwegian exchange student to make some crushing doom jams. Heavy Monolithic Lumbering Sludgy stuff with a kind of subtle Black Sabbath vibe to it, backed with some deep-n-low growls mixed with chanting. 'Troll' is the fucking shit.

I just wish their name didn't sound like a slay-the-dragon-siege-the-castle type band. Like Hammerfall or something. I fucking hate that band.

Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt


Gorgonized Dorks/Dos Amigos Split Tape

NOISE vs. power-violence
tape released on thrash-mouth records (buy here - 2 bucks)

GORGONIZED DORKS (senselessgrindingnoisefuckers) is
Katz Seki
Ben Agromosh

Blood Slab of Jazz

Dos Amigos (MiTB/GODSTOMPER style Grind-violence)

Mindnumbing Germophobia
IAm the Bastard IamGod
To Each His Own