Second First broadcast of Pay To Play Today

Things on the WMUC website weren't that organized when I did my show last week, so I'm counting this week as the first official broadcast of my new show. Check in if you feel so inclined:
Pay To Play

Hardcore, Powerviolence, Death Metal, Crust, Thrash, and GOD: 4pm-6pm thursdays



Awesome compilation of early tunes by a favorite band of mine, PENTAGRAM. They originate from the D.C./Virginia area and still reunite to play a set or two every now and then, but they're all crack smokin', bad drug abusing sons of bitches nowadays. Don't change the music none, though: PENTAGRAM - First Daze Here



You can't go anywhere on the internet without stumbling over this album...and there's a reason for that. This is Electric Wizard's heaviest album--maybe one of the heaviest albums ever made, depending on who you talk to. The guitars are super fuzzed out and tuned down and the vocals are shrouded within all of it, just the way I like it. If you haven't heard it--do yourself a huge favor and give it a listen:
Part 1
Part 2


(dis)'Member that Carcass tribute I posted a little while ago? Well, I've got this pretty killer IMPALED album that features B-Sides, Unreleased songs, and demos by the band--so if you enjoyed the Impaled tracks on that tribute album, you'll probably enjoy this too.

Plus, they do an Impetigo cover: ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD THIS.


EVIL DEAD - Annihilation of Civilization

These guys thrashed when thrash wasn't fashionable anymore; and boy, did they do it well. Evil Dead - Annihilation of Civilization


A Peace Offering (NAILBOMB)

We're both STILL in the process of moving and getting settled...not a whole lot of time to upload albums and whatnot. I, personally, am fucking exhausted, and being far miles away from my hard drive (left it in College Park), I had to kind of scrape around for something worthwhile to upload. I think this should satisfy yous for a bit.

Nailbomb is a Post-Thrash Industrial Metal band, formed as a side project between Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soul Fly) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel). They have a sound that levitates in between Sepultura and Fudge Tunnel's more straight ahead songs, with Max and Alex sharing or alternating vocals. The Industrial bit of it is kind of lame--would just prefer for someone to play some of the stuff that's looped, but whatever, it really doesn't hurt the music. The first track, "Wasting Away", should be more than enough to warm you up to the rest of the album. If you like Sepultura, head banging, the word "fuck", and crazy brazilian guys with dreads (and pasty englishmen), download this: NAILBOMB - Point Blank

If you need some more convincing, here's an excerpt from one of their only live shows:

Time to crash...


(P.S. Track Suits, Purple Hair Dye, and Keyboards are NOT cool.)

(P.S. P.S. The first broadcast for Pay-To-Play is up! d/l dat shit!)


Summer Shows!

So the votes were cast, die were thrown, horses were whipped and beheaded, grass has been mowed, etc, etc.

Any way you want to look at it, Fred and I will be having radio shows this summer. Look out for:

Beckett's Metal - Saturday 12PM to 3PM
Fred's Show (He'll have to tell you what it's called) - Thursday 4PM-6PM

That's right guys, your favorite two people to play you metal will now send 5 HOURS of mind-bending extreme-ness your way every week. The schedule kicks off Thursday this week (May 22nd) so, Fred willing, you may get to hear us right away.
EDIT FROM FRED (in Baltimore): So, after hours of deliberation between me and my associates, a name for my show has been decided upon:

Pay-To-Play: Pat Robertson's Crust and Powerviolence Hour with Fred White

See you on Thursday.


5.19.08 Playlist **LAST SHOW**

Playlist for 5/19/08:

High on Fire - The Face Of Oblivion
Boris - Blackout
G.G. Allin - Murder for the Mission
EYEHATEGOD - Left To Starve
Acid Bath - Bleed Me An Ocean
PENTAGRAM - Lazylady
The Jesus Lizard - Mouth Breather
Goblin Cock - Kegrath The Dragon Killer
Monster Magnet - Medicine
Mama Tick - Horsedoctor
Slughog - Left
Shank - Stink of Exist
Shank - Adhesive the Equipment
Gride - Manipulance
Shellac - Crow
Gored - Mechanisms
Christpunchers - Cutty
Orange Goblin - Vagrant Stomp
Sleep - Dragonaut
Cows - Organized Meat
TAD - Behemoth
Slint - Good Morning Captain
Dystopia - Green Destroyed
Tone - Confidence and Progress

This is the last one, guys: download it here.

Also--in the process of moving, won't have internet for a bit, be back in a week hopefully...


We Reach - Music of The Melvins and Carcass - Requiems of Revulsion

Personally, I'm not that huge of a fan of tribute albums, but these two albums in particular are shining stars in my opinion. They both feature artists that we're big fans of covering two bands that we love, so what could go wrong? Download away! (and listen to our latest and FINAL show).

We Reach - Music of The Melvins
Requiems of Revulsion - A Tribute To Carcass

Acid Bath Disco!

Alright ladies, this time you get a Twofer. Well, they only had two albums anyway. Acid Bath is, as of right now, one of my favorite bands to listen to. We're talking good ol' Louisiana Sludgecore. You want to know about the NOLA metal scene, look no further. Fuck that Phil Anselmo shit, that guy's a poser compared to these guys (just kidding Phil, I loved Pantera!)

Acid Bath is good to listen to because they jump styles practically between songs, going from swampy rock riffs to highly melodic (but still kick-ass) ballads. Surreal lyrics and the great vocals of Dax Riggs top it all off. I swear, just try to listen to Scream of the Butterfly without getting chills. If you want more, you should definitely check out Deadboy and the Elephantmen which is fronted by Dax, or check out Dax Riggs' solo stuff. It's a shame, their bassist was killed by a drunk driver, otherwise we might have gotten a few more genius albums by this great band.

Acid Bath - When the Kite String Pops
Acid Bath - Paegan Terrorism Tactics

Rorschach - Autopsy

This is a band one of my friends recently turned me on to; They're a hardcore band that was based in New Jersey that, I would say, planted the seeds for some metalcore bands later on. However, unlike metalcore, these guys are pretty awesome; they mix metal and hardcore in a way that almost sounds like powerviolence, or at least, a really early take on the genre. Shit's good, I enjoy it:

Part 1
Part 2

P.S.: Sorry 'bout this being in two separate parts, I usually fucking hate it when people do it, but, all Rorschach is better than none, eh?


ANNNNNDDDDD--Thank you to Eldis Sula for helping me get my hands on this album, couldn't do it without you.

Slint - Spiderland (1991)

Slint definitely has their little spot in the rock music history books. Credited with launching (along with Squirrel Bait whose members are featured here, Rodan, and Crain) the post-rock and math-rock movements of the late 90s, Slint is the go-to for any music anthologist looking for that "little band that started it all". They split after only two full-lengths and one EP, but doesn't it seem like all these wildly influential bands were short-lived?

Keep in mind Isis, Neurosis, Godspeed, and Pelican fans, this isn't your post-rock. This is your Dad's post-rock, sophisticated and intricate but more rooted in Indie and Alternative Rock than metal or neo-classical. We played them on the show twice, and we sure like 'em. Check it out.

Slint - Spiderland

Goblin Cock.

Great straight up stoner rock with a little teeny bit of doom mixed in--very laid back and well paced. Ran into this album when I worked for Record and Tape Traders a couple years back. I remember they kept sending us reminder postcards weeks before this album came out that said things like "3 WEEKS TILL GOBLIN COCK!!" written in red chicken scratch writing. As soon as the album came out, I picked up my promo copy and listened to it excessively while I was at work. I eventually burned out on the album, but Trey has encouraged me to upload it so others may experience the joys of Goblin Cock.

Goblin Cock - Bagged and Boarded

Dystopia - Human = Garbage

Crust Punxorzz to the max. Awesome band; tight riffs and drumming, depressing samples and monologues, shrieked lyrics. We've played a few songs off of this album in the past--enjoy this one (it's in AAC, sorry): Dystopia - Human = Garbage


Have you ever searched for a band and found nothing but gay porn?

I have explored the deadly crevasses of the internets to bring you this awesome side project "PORN (The Men Of)" founded by Dale Crover and Tim Moss. If you saw the Melvins live in early 2007, 2004 or anywhere in between there, chances are, you saw PORN...and were probably really fucking confused; some random dude moseys on stage wearing an Elvis get-up, giant black pompadour included, and jumps behind the drums, while another hairier (and angrier) looking gentleman stands in front of a stack with a wooden univox guitar dishing out feedback before ripping head first into their set. Dale plays along behind his kit, struggling to keep his giant black wig on and keep pace at the same time, while the crowd goes apeshit. Probably one of the best shows I've ever been to. But ANYWAY--like I was saying, I managed to get my mitts on three of their albums....

Think Old Grandad mixed with EyeHateGod:
Experiments in Feedback
Porn--American Style
Wine, Women and Song

Watch yer step



Jaked off Shorts and Loaded Heads

Hey there all you MINDGRINDER fans and album freeloaders, I got a little summat for both of you. I know Fred takes care of the majority of the posts around here which is cool because I'm lazy as hell and don't know HTML. Anywho, for the MINDGRINDER's fanbase, we're winding down for the semester (one more show on the 19th) and we're getting in to the summer. Stay tuned for our individual summer shows (names and time-slots to be announced). Also, and I'll have to discuss with Fred, I'd like to do the show with him again in the Fall and if we do that we'll have a much expanded repertoire of music so when that happens definitely let us know what kind of stuff you want to keep or start hearing from us

Now, for you free-loading, mother-humping sons-of-bitches, I've got this great album that you can download for free, and it's not even illegal! They're called Jaked Off Shorts and Loaded Heads and if the name isn't enough for you, the music will more than satisfy. Fans of avant-garde black metal (Ulver, Arcturus, Sigh) will be pleased as will fans of other Weird Rock like Mike Pattons more schizophrenic projects or Tub Ring. The music itself is all over the place, but it's definitely got hooks and some great electronic effects for texture. Check this shit out already.

Track Picks:
02 Cricket Poison Even Kills Vultures
04 Worst Episode Ever
10 Level Neurotica

Jaked Off Shorts and Loaded Heads - Feeding the Future

Emerson Lake and Palmer -- Brain Salad Surgery

This is a personal vinyl rip of ELP's fourth album; Progressive Rock at it's best. Possibly an acquired taste; met people who love them -- others that despise them. Give it a chance: d/l


Playlist 5.12.08

Playlist for 5/12/08

His Hero is Gone - The End Result of 11 Days in the Mental Hospital
Ogre - The Gas
Unpersons - Time/Faded Wallpaper
Polvo - Vibracobra
Graves at Sea - Red Monarch
Capricorns - 1977 Blood for Papa
Lord By Fire/"Sword" - Cemophora Coccinea
Butthole Surfers - Graveyard
!T.O.O.H.! - Aura & Ziata
Crain - Monkeywrench
Electric Wizard - We Hate You.
Squirrel Bait - Kid Dynamite
Buzzov*en - Behaved
Witch - Disappear
Green River - P.C.C.
Old Grandad - Sick Sense
Oxbow - Bull's Eye
Unsane - Last Man Standing
Hog Molly - Short Bus
Harvey Milk - Sunshine (no sun) Into the Sun
Sonic Youth - White Cross
Janitor Joe - Flyblown
Cows - By The Throat
Asunder - A Clarion Call


G.G. Allin and Antiseen

Shut up and download this.


IRON LUNG (again!)

This CD is a compilation of songs they released (on 7"s, splits, whatever) before releasing Life. Iron Lung. Death. Some of my favorite songs are on this CD...and it's readily available for purchase, along with their other records, on Interpunk.com (They have a new album out!) If you like fast angry music--Iron Lung is your stuff.

Iron Lung - Cold Storage

and now for your viewing pleasure (just when you thought you forgot about it):



I'm pretty sure LoRes has posted this already--but whatever, this is one of my favorite albums of all time. I only know bits and pieces about this band--pretty sure they came out of the San Francisco or LA area, the vocalist for the band was imprisoned for murdering his girlfriend while he was fucked up on acid...then he wrote a song about it.

Hardcore noisy tasteless angry sloppy gold: Landshark/Where The Wild Things Are

Fucking Mad With Anger

So my piece of shit roommate has either not paid the bill for our cable/internet or accidentally terminated our service, which means the only way I can get on the internet is through stealing my neighbor's unreliable connection or going somewhere with wifi. This also means that I won't be able to update the blog with fun stuff like albums for a little bit, at least 'til the 20th (when I move out) or whenever we fix the problem. I'll try to do what I can 'til then.


UPDATE: Fixed the problem--had to go past him and talk to the ISP myself...piece of shit ran away like a pussy when I told him to take care of it. Grinder is back in full effect (without having to piss in anyone's shampoo bottle...yet.)


GORED - Human

German Carcass Worship (the band, not the corpse) with gutteral goregrind vocals, chunky dual bass assault (on the album at least), and relentless drumming. Plus they've got cardboard anatomy cutouts! What the hell more would you want!?: d/l

(I'm going to chop up and post Nocnitsa's performance from last Sunday sometime soon)


MINDGRINDER Playlist for 5.05.08

Playlist for 5/05/08

Helios Creed - The Descent
Polvo - Thermal Treasure
Infest - Lying To Myself
Infest - Behind the Tongue
Infest - My World, My Way
TAD - High on the Hog
The Obsessed - Blind Lightning
L7 - Wargasm
Mama Tick - Shout At The Devil (Motley Crue Cover)
Iron Monkey - I.R.M.S.
Pentagram - Review Your Choices
Fistula - No Regrets
Cathedral - Texting
Desert Sessions - Hanging Tree
Cows - Big Mickey
Queen Elephantine - Plasma Thaw
Tar - Satritis
Soundgarden - Slaves & Bulldozers
Battle of Mice - Wrapped in Plain
Dead Meadow - Good Moanin'