A Peace Offering (NAILBOMB)

We're both STILL in the process of moving and getting settled...not a whole lot of time to upload albums and whatnot. I, personally, am fucking exhausted, and being far miles away from my hard drive (left it in College Park), I had to kind of scrape around for something worthwhile to upload. I think this should satisfy yous for a bit.

Nailbomb is a Post-Thrash Industrial Metal band, formed as a side project between Max Cavalera (Sepultura, Soul Fly) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel). They have a sound that levitates in between Sepultura and Fudge Tunnel's more straight ahead songs, with Max and Alex sharing or alternating vocals. The Industrial bit of it is kind of lame--would just prefer for someone to play some of the stuff that's looped, but whatever, it really doesn't hurt the music. The first track, "Wasting Away", should be more than enough to warm you up to the rest of the album. If you like Sepultura, head banging, the word "fuck", and crazy brazilian guys with dreads (and pasty englishmen), download this: NAILBOMB - Point Blank

If you need some more convincing, here's an excerpt from one of their only live shows:

Time to crash...


(P.S. Track Suits, Purple Hair Dye, and Keyboards are NOT cool.)

(P.S. P.S. The first broadcast for Pay-To-Play is up! d/l dat shit!)