Jaked off Shorts and Loaded Heads

Hey there all you MINDGRINDER fans and album freeloaders, I got a little summat for both of you. I know Fred takes care of the majority of the posts around here which is cool because I'm lazy as hell and don't know HTML. Anywho, for the MINDGRINDER's fanbase, we're winding down for the semester (one more show on the 19th) and we're getting in to the summer. Stay tuned for our individual summer shows (names and time-slots to be announced). Also, and I'll have to discuss with Fred, I'd like to do the show with him again in the Fall and if we do that we'll have a much expanded repertoire of music so when that happens definitely let us know what kind of stuff you want to keep or start hearing from us

Now, for you free-loading, mother-humping sons-of-bitches, I've got this great album that you can download for free, and it's not even illegal! They're called Jaked Off Shorts and Loaded Heads and if the name isn't enough for you, the music will more than satisfy. Fans of avant-garde black metal (Ulver, Arcturus, Sigh) will be pleased as will fans of other Weird Rock like Mike Pattons more schizophrenic projects or Tub Ring. The music itself is all over the place, but it's definitely got hooks and some great electronic effects for texture. Check this shit out already.

Track Picks:
02 Cricket Poison Even Kills Vultures
04 Worst Episode Ever
10 Level Neurotica

Jaked Off Shorts and Loaded Heads - Feeding the Future