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Playlists from this semester
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Insect Warfare - Endless Execution Thru Violent Resitution + Carcass Grinder Split tracks

More jams for the grindfreaks with an insatiable appetite for blood-beats...here's my favorite Insect Warfare record. There's kind of a Hatred Surge sound on this one, especially on the initial track 'Repulsed By Radiation'. Also, there's a pretty gnarly Razor cover at the end. Check out Insect Warfare's tracks from their split with Carcass Grinder too.

Insect Warfare - Endless Execution Thru Violent Restitution
Insect Warfare - Carcass Grinder Split (Insect Warfare Tracks)


Slaughter Strike - Demo

Sorry for the lapse in posts here. whoops.

This is Slaughter Strike (members of The Endless Blockade and RAMMER) from Canada.

Vocals-wise the band sounds JUST like RAMMER, but the similarities between the two bands stop there. To be blunt, the hard-headed tech-death-thrash style of RAMMER doesn't really bleed over too much here--which is not a bad thing. Slaughter Strike is well balanced between Death Metal and The Endless Blockade's brand of grindcore (real grindcore) on the demo...they deliver a pretty vicious grind attack with some grimy breakdowns here and there. It's everything you ever could have hoped for from this pair-up.

Slaughter Strike - Demo

They just released a record on Cyclopian Records, buy it herr

Also thanks to those of you who have still been sticking around since we stopped posting back in July. I'll try to post 2 or 3 things every week if I can manage it from this point on.



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Update - New Radio Schedule

Long time no update! It's been a pretty long fruitful summer full of job hunting and moving and now I feel like I finally have the time to get back up to pace with the blog and reboot the radio show for one more year. The schedule for WMUC's upcoming Autumn semester has been posted with MINDGRINDER re-taking Tuesdays at 10PM-12AM, our former timeslot that we held down from Fall 2008-Spring 2009. Unfortunately, Trey is no longer a permanent co-host on the show, but he, along with Hasan from Death By Hanger, is still a member on the blog, so hopefully their contributions will help alleviate some of the downtime in the next year. I'm still shopping around for some more people who might want to contribute to an already established blog, so if you're interested, shoot me an email. Anywho, thanks for the support from those of you that still visit the site and have added us on facebook. We'll be back soon with some tunes.



Mercenary Cockroach - Steps to Nowhere

Fast bootyblaster grind from Croatia. For fans of Insect Warfare.


Mercenary Cockroach - Steps to Nowhere


Love Battery - Dayglo

In 1992, this band was the critic's darling for releasing this record, though they pretty much proved Trey's Theory of Psychedelic/Garage Influence; wait until naughties, when being a hippie is cool again. Much like The Screaming Trees (see above Theory) they pretty much toiled outside the mainstream while all their contemporaries went on to make millions, though they certainly had the requisite cult following of any decent band. They had Tommy Tillman of U-Men fame (or lack thereof), and at one point Dan Peters (Mudhoney) though he had long been replaced by Jason Finn when Dayglo came out. It's a solid release by a solid band and although their other releases pale in comparison, 1999's Confusion Au Go Go saw the triumphant return of Peters and another great record which turned out to be their swan song.

It wouldn't be here if it didn't carry our recommendation, so checks it out already.

Disclaimer: Trey's Theory of Psych/Garage Influence is not in anyway original or even true, probably. The writer just think's he's clever, but everyone knows he's a sociopath. Also, the first song hiccups a little near the end, sorryz!


Neurosis - Aberration EP / Short Wave Warfare

Neurosis in their HxCx days; recorded and released a year before 'The Word As Law'.

Aberration EP


Short Wave Warfare
(Live Album with recordings from 'Pain of Mind'/'Word As Law' tours)

Common Inconsistencies
Obsequious Obsolescence
To What End
Tomorrow's Reality
The Choice



Welcome Our New Member

He has a beard, likes Celtic Frost with burritos, wears no pants and we've known him for close to a decade. Give him a warm welcome--more writers means more posts and less stupid shit.


Warsore - Brutal Reprisal + Re-Opened Wound

Grimy old-school grind from Australia--for fans of Unholy Grave, Agathocles, Napalm Death, and the like:

Warsore - Brutal Reprisal
Warsore - Re-Opened Wound


Cro-Mags - Best Wishes + 1984 Demo

Oof. Documentation of another great hardcore/crossover band biting the dust after they make jump over to Heavy Metal or, in this case, Thrash. This one will grow on you after awhile. Also included is their '84 demo which features most of the songs from Quarrel...I think it was released as 'Before the Quarrel' later on.

Cro-Mags - Best Wishes
Cro-Mags - 1984 Demo (Before the Quarrel)



Prong - Primitive Origins

Before they became some terrible fucking cliche and a staple of WWF theme song mix-tapes, Prong was a pretty sick crossover thrash band:

Prong - Primitive Origins



Low Threat Profile - Self Titled 7"

Self Titled 7" by Low Threat Profile (members of Crossed Out/Infest/Lack of Interest). Fast Hardcore packed into a 4 minute record...apparently took close to a decade for this to get released. You can pick it up at Celebrated Summer and probably a million places around the tubes for $15 or so.

Low Threat Profile - Self Titled

Also a heads up to those of you who like punk/grind but don't want to spend a shit-ton on CDs and records and whatnot (and don't mind the character that comes with cassettes), check out ThrashMouthRecords. I've already uploaded 4 or 5 tapes from their catalog, but you can get a handful of tapes for around 10 bucks with only 2 or 3 dollars shipping...all quality underground stuff. Plus, they just put out a GODSTOMPER/Dos Amigos split. They're good friendly dudes, check it out.



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