Dale Crover - Drumb 7"

I know some dude requested this here about a year ago...pretty much no one has a rip of this, so this is my christmas present to him and all of you.

This is Dale Crover's only legit solo release. It was released back in '96 with somewhere around 200-500 copies I'm pretty sure. Side A is Drums and Noise (Four Words), while Side B is Side A backwards (Sdraw Kcab). I ripped the record at both 45RPM and 33RPM, as I wasn't sure which was the right speed...but it sounds a hell of a lot more evil at 33. Included with the download are complete scans of the front, back, and inlay of the sleeve, as well as a scan of Dale's short-lived minizine "Drumb" (props to themelvins.net).

Dale Crover - Drumb 7"

Excerpt from Dale's Drumbzine:

Q: What has three legs and an a**h%!$ on top?
A: A drum throne.

Q: How do you know when a drummer is at the door?
A: The knock speeds up.
A: When you say come in, he comes in late.
A: By the domino's uniform.

Q: A drummer who can keep time, A drummer who can't keep time, and Santa Claus are walking down the street. A $50 bill blows by. Who gets it?
A: The drummer who can't keep time. The other 2 do not exist.

Enjoy and have a good christmas/break/whatever the fuck


Here are a few of Dale's efforts from the past twenty something years, including his Solo EP, released with the Melvins:

Melvins - Dale Crover EP
Melvins - Night Goat 7"
Porn (The Men Of) - Wine, Women and Song
NIRVANA - Live 8/20/1990 w/ Dale on drums
Shrinebuilder (w/Wino, Scott Kelly, and Al Cisneros)

POWERVIOLENCE and Hardcore Christmas Drop

All Winners Here:

Noose - 2009 Demo (Winnipeg, Canada)
Eddie Brock - 2009 Demo ((superpowersviolence) from Baltimore)
Sylvester Staline - Gonna Spread Hard Drugs To Your Kids With the Royalties Gained From This... (France)
Kent Brockman - Crustcoreviolence EP (Germany)
I Decide - Spiking Drinks with Holy Water (DC Hardcore)

Old Familiars:
Magrudergrind / Sylvester Staline Split
Infest - Mankind 7"
Spazz / Floor Split
Hatred Surge - Isolated Human EP New EP!!

--fred (More later today)


Damage Digital

Grindcore from the land of the rising sun and one of my favorites from the area--for fans of Discordance Axis and Napalm Death.


Damage Digital - Moss



Noosebomb - Brainfood for the Braindead

I assume that because you're on this blog you like bands like Noosebomb, so here's some Noosebomb. With two members from Grief, scratchy-throat vocals, grinding guitars, liberal use of samples and an overall lethargic tempo you pretty much know from the first song what you're getting in to, though elements of grind, d-beat, and straight up punk peek through. Fans of Grief certainly won't be disappointed.
Final Verdict: this is the kind of music I like to get drunk to.


Faction Disaster - 3 Minute EP (Tape)

power-violence from Michigan; another thrashmouth release
(limited to 25 copies)

Shut the Fuck Up
Outrageous Decisions pt.2
Spastic Breakdancing
Mouth to Mouth Regurgitation
Smoke PCP and Kill Everyone in Sight



(more tapes tomorrow)


Salome playing 'Master Failure' in NY



Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt

Another 'Southern Lord' treasure -- Those dudes from SUNN O))) team up with a norwegian exchange student to make some crushing doom jams. Heavy Monolithic Lumbering Sludgy stuff with a kind of subtle Black Sabbath vibe to it, backed with some deep-n-low growls mixed with chanting. 'Troll' is the fucking shit.

I just wish their name didn't sound like a slay-the-dragon-siege-the-castle type band. Like Hammerfall or something. I fucking hate that band.

Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt


Gorgonized Dorks/Dos Amigos Split Tape

NOISE vs. power-violence
tape released on thrash-mouth records (buy here - 2 bucks)

GORGONIZED DORKS (senselessgrindingnoisefuckers) is
Katz Seki
Ben Agromosh

Blood Slab of Jazz

Dos Amigos (MiTB/GODSTOMPER style Grind-violence)

Mindnumbing Germophobia
IAm the Bastard IamGod
To Each His Own




Kowloon Walled City - Gambling on the Richter Scale

Kowloon Walled City is a band I never really got until recently. I heard their first EP and dug it...but only to the point of half-listening to the first few tracks, agreeing with a riff here and there then veering off to listen to something else.

Sentiments of the "ass-heavy", "low-end", and other popular buzzwords (or conjugations, whatever) used by people, including myself, to describe this band barely do justice to express what's special about this band, and more specifically, their new record Gambling on the Richter Scale. If you're familiar with their EP, think of this as the track 'Turning Into Bricks' expanded into eight tracks, heavy riffage and verse-trailing solos included.

Using the word "heavy" to describe their music may prove deceiving. The bar has been raised so high in music in terms of technical ability within the past decade that the definition of "heavy" has transformed from the indulgence of a slow complimentary solo to shitty soulless tech-grind breakdowns. It's debasing to say what they've created is simple...less technical songs display a different sort of musical ability than masturbatory solos and string fingering.

Compare their music to what Soundgarden was doing before they fizzled out in the mid-nineties. Dark, heavy, depressing kind of shit. The ability to conjure emotion with instrumentals is what defined their heaviness...and this stands as the same case for KWC. Track for track, this record is a slurry of voluminous thick spirited and urban-centric songs rooted by this strong backbone of murky music born by the many grit-toothed noise rock (and grunge) bands that came before them. Although, most of the tracks do embody this sort of slow dark-melodic sort of feel, they do indulge in the kind of heavy-flesh-grinding minimalist sludge comparable to Corrupted.

And that's just what makes KWC so attractive...they have this awesome dynamism that sounds great, but doesn't make their records incohesive. Check it out:

Kowloon Walled City - Gambling on the Richter Scale




Churches Burn - Adversary

Churches Burn are from Colombus, Ohio and don't have nearly as many fans as they should. They've got this killer bass-deep kinda tone that's covered in layers of filth and grime with some psych fringes here and there...they're pretty comparable to JAIL, but I like 'em a lot more.

Churches Burn - Adversary

Purity Control - Demo

Straight-Edge p-violence from Toronto. Fast and Bass-Heavy...if there's such a thing as a brown note, they've found it. <---- (Edit - I'm saying this tape made me SHIT MY PANTS)

Buy their Cassette here.

Purity Control


Dry Clouds, Revolta, and Radamanthys live on WMUC tonight at 6PM-9PM EST

Listen in live online (or on 88.1fm if you're in the College Park Area) to MINDGRINDER's 3rd Third Rail tonight at 6PM EST on wmucradio.com!

Dry Clouds - Old School emo-violence from Baltimore
Revolta - Thrash from the Chesapeake Bay Area
Radamanthys - Death/Thrash from Takoma Park

Listen live to WMUC here




TAD, one my favorite bands and one of a many great bands that have gone largely unnoticed, existed from 89-99...birthing a total of 4 full length LPs and countless 7"s/LPs. Like most awesome bands, they now lie discarded to side, obscured from view by overrated releases from a bunch of other bands that don't really matter anymore.

Back in their initial years, they played alongside bands like Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Nirvana, among others. When touring with Nirvana in 89 out in Europe...they HEADLINED. People went to the gigs to see TAD, not Kurt Cobain's magical heroin caravan. Kurt Cobain had a falling out with the band in the following years, citing them as (paraphrased) "boneheaded grunge", even when the band had made clear signs of impending musical growth. Sure their final album, Infrared Riding Hood, was a cheesy, over-sentimental, poorly written piece of shit compared to 8-Way Santa and Inhaler, but fuck--it was different; I still enjoy it for what it is. Maybe if people threw a little more love their way back then, we would've gotten at least one more killer record from the band. Go back and listen to their single Kevorkian's Holiday. Listen to Demon's Seed off of Live Alien Broadcasts. That shit fucking rules; it breathes the same energy heard on 8-Way Santa but made it darker, even poppier to a certain extent, which isn't a bad thing at all. Had the band received more support, I have no doubt they would've had an eventual comeback.

TAD was dropped by their label in '93. They were picked up by another on a trial period after the release of Infrared Riding Hood. After terrible reception to the record, they were dropped from their label AGAIN, and left releasing singles with any independent label left that gave a damn. Attribute their demise to this or one too many years of the whole redneck shtick.

Why write about them now? It's 15 years too late for anyone to really start caring. This band embodied the spirit, the grime, and the filth that accreted to become the backbone of that fad that died once fuckheads like silverchair, pearl jam, and whatever over-generalized things, ran it in the ground, and kicked the shit out of it while it laid defenseless in it's toughest of times. This is a post invested in the hope that someone else will pick up the band's records, appreciate them for what they were, and stop over-generalizing something from 20 years ago that has only come to express the musical output of 4 or 5 shit bands in the public paradigm.

and so, I lay in front of you the majority of TAD's body of work:

1989/1990 Salt Lick/God's Balls
1991 - 8-Way Santa
1993 - Inhaler
1994 - Infrared Riding Hood

Banned by MTV in 1989:

Wood Goblins

Other TAD Posts
TAD (Salem) Post over at [shiny grey monotone]



Melvins - Three Albums You Already Have

Here we are again, on the pre-ignition of another monday, and there's none more of an appropriate time for us to appreciate the Melvins. (MELVINS MONDAY!) That and I have more schoolwork I'm avoiding.

Prior to 93, the Melvins were anything but typical compared to their contemporaries from the region (see: grunge); they were sludge, they were metal, they were punk. When that whole dumb thing in the north-west corner happened...something changed. Bullhead wasn't too far removed from the formula we heard on Ozma--if anything it represented a transitional period. But in 1993, they veered off-course for better or worse.

The Melvins made a straight-ahead "rock" album, not unlike what everyone else was doing at the time. Were they cashing in? Were they taking the piss out of everyone else? It's not like they completely abandoned what they were doing before and turned to some contrived sound without reason; vestiges of their old style still soaked through in a few tracks (Hag Me, Copache, Set Me Straight, At the Stake, yadda yadda). What gets me about the whole change is that it's not like what they were doing on Ozma, Bullhead, and Eggnog was worn out or unoriginal...they fucking INVENTED sludge and played it for not even 5 years--then said fuck it--and moved on. Something so innovative, so new and fresh, although not all that accessible compared to other music, was at the very least THEIRS...and they just fucking threw it aside for other bands to pick up and march on with.

Really though, if they hadn't grown into a different genre of music, chances are their records would've ended up as stale, boring and unexciting as a Slayer or Cannibal Corpse release...the type of shit that only someone like Angry Pantera Kid would cum all over himself about. Or they could've suffered a slow painful death like TAD did from the mid to late nineties.

...nonetheless: whatever they were doing--they did it WELL, and that's what counts. Here's to 3 years of Mark D, solos, and KISS covers:

1993 - Houdini
1994 - Stoner Witch
1996 - Stag




It's nearly 5 o'clock, I've got another page to add to this fucking Shakespeare paper due in class later today at 2pm and I'm sitting here about to spend 30 minutes on a post why?

Castrovalva (UK) is a band I've been putting off for a good long while for no good reason besides from me being a lazy inactive asshole piece of shit. Point is, I finally sat down and listened all the way through their s/t mini album and am sitting here kind of dumbfounded that I, like a jackass, let this band slip by and sit on my hard drive without notice for like 3 fucking months. This band hemorrhages pure energy with the kind of determination only matched by bands like Lightning Bolt and Godstomper. Of course, I make these comparisons because they're fast as fuck and primarily a drums-n-bass kinda band.

...Alright, I'm going to use this really trite formula to describe this band: cram Sabot, GODSTOMPER, Lightning Bolt, and a tiny of MiTB into a blender, crank it up to bludgeon and you've got Castrovalva.

Castrovalva - S/T Mini Album

They're putting out a single with their new line-up titled "Thug Life"...preorder that here.

...and now it IS 5am. Fuuuuuuuck.



Insect Warfare - Evolved Into Obliteration

Here's a new vinyl release adapted from their Demo CD that ran out of circulation shortly before the release of 'World Extermination'. Apparently some people like this more than the actual album...but that's probably because people get so damned sick of listening to the actual album (for instance: Grey, Nirvana, Black Flag). There's not a whole lot of difference I can hear between the demo and the final record, besides from the mix sounding a little dirtier (and the drums sounding a fuckload better). Nonetheless--a cool thing to have:

Insect Warfare - Evolved Into Obliteration 12"




Mincecore (politically driven grindcore) based in Belgium. The whole album is carried by one badass blastbeat through this noisy grinding mess of palm muting, distortion, and throaty vocals...my kind of shit.

Agathocles - Humarrogance



WHITE SHIT - Sculpted Beef

White Shit is mathematically calculated hardcore murder masterminded by guitarist Andy Coronado (Monorchild, Skull Kontrol, Wrangler Brutes), with Jared Warren on Vox and Coady Willis on Drums (Big Business). Been waiting for this for a loooong time:

White Shit - Sculpted Beef


Depressor - Splits and 7"s

Depressor is Sludge-Thrash from ????. Info on this band is hard to come by...but half the fun in listening to music is finding it, which is very much the case when it comes to Depressor. I've ran across a few splits and 7"s of theirs, along with a record by the band that pre-existed Depressor; Charger (like a more driving-hardcore version of Depressor). Rest assured these are all drum-machine free (and the crustiest most awesome shit you'll hear in awhile):

Self Titled 7"
Book of the Dead 7"
Depressor/Unholy Grave Split
Depressor/Agathocles Split

Charger - Wake Up! Call to Arms 7"



Flesh Parade - Kill Whitey 7" and Extended Version

Apparently RELAPSE decided to release a Flesh Parade Comp. of the same name as their "Kill Whitey 7""...

Kill Whitey 7" (Vinyl)
Kill Whitey (Extra Demo Tracks)



Yeah, this is totally a thinly veiled reminder for you guys to listen to our radio show at 10pm. But hey...Bass&Drums cover of 'Scum'? Emo-crushin' tunes? Face-melting gritty ass grind? Blastbeats out your asshole with basslines that just won't quit?

Shit...are we even relevant anymore?




Reality Comp. (Part 1)

In response to smart-ass comments:

Reality 7"

Excruciating Terror - In Control
Lack of Interest - Impeached
Despise You - Copied Demise
Spazz - Gnome Servant
Crom - Hungry?
Man is the Bastard - Tomb Ride

source of power: Kick to Kill

Reality Part #2 Comp.

Every single band you've ever really liked is on this compilation...and you know what else?

They're all broken up now.


Asshole Parade - Soldiers
Excrutiating Terror - Without Mercy
Dystopia - Backstabber
Infest - Cold Inside
Despise You - Memories of Tomorrow
Lack of Interest - No Sweat
Gasp - Planet Of The Apes
Suppression - Gangland Bodystak'em
Noothgrush - Encasing
NoComply - The Empire Kids
Spazz - Animal Liberation Now
Purgatoria - Infamous Deception
Man Is The Bastard - Untitled
Capitalist Casualties - Sentenced
Stapled Shut - Chavala
Enemy Soil - Common Ground
Evolved to Obliteration - Fucked up Asshole
Bad Acid Trip - Plate of Shrimp
C:### - Skidmark

Reality Part #2 Comp.



MINDGRINDER: First Show Tonight!

First show of the semester tonight at 10pm eastern! Listen live with the player embedded above!

{Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Grind, Crust and Violence}


Giant Squid - The Icthyologist (2009)

Giant Squid is doomy ocean-metal. Giant Squid is the band you desperately want to be playing over the loudspeakers at the aquarium if only they would let you put your CD in and not call security you mother-fuckers. Forget The Ocean Collective. Forget Isis's Oceanic. Forget Dethklok's Fish Album. This is the real deal.

I read an interview where their singer was talking about how reviewers always try to come up with a complicated and unique way to label their music. Well, good news for you guys. Mine is the right one, so you can all start using it immediately. Seriously, call your friends or something. OCEAN-METAL.

This album is really awesome actually, and improves significantly over their previous effort (Metridium Fields). I loved listening to it except when I got side-tracked and started listening to Madonna.

Lots of people said that Aaron Gregory’s vocals sounded like Serj Tankian on their first album. The comparison is still easily made (My dad made a reference to it when I played this for him for the first time) but I think the band has really done a lot to downplay the vocals and let the bass and guitar lines ebb and flow. See, oceans ebb and flow too. I’m a genius.

Personally, I thought Neonate from their first album was awesome. It was doomy and really catchy and had some really great male-female vocals. This important thing for me though was that it rocked pretty hard, which is something that can't be said for a good portion of The Icthyologist. Sure, the album is pretty heavy most of the time but I don't sense that fiery energy of the younger, less mature Giant Squid from Metridium Fields. However, by comparison to Neonate, the rest of Metridium Fields is not nearly as interesting with a few exceptions. The Icthyologist, in this case is better than it's predecessor because all the material is of excellent quality, and begets listening to the thing from start to finish in one sitting.

The lyrics in this thing are melodramatic, but also pretty gruesome and disturbing at times. As far as I can tell, all the songs are first person, from things like a boat captain to a dinosaur to a fish with a depressing slant to them. But hell, you'll never understand the lyrics anyway and they're not a highlight.

Ultimately, people will come to view Giant Squid as a pretentious band with their post-rock leanings, checkered shirts and box-frame glasses and string instruments. Get past that, and the occaisonal trough among the many peaks, and I think you'll find a unique and talanted band that's making interesting music in a crowded market.

I give it 4 squids out of 5, with a point off for calling the songs ridiculous latin fish names.



Carcinogen - Kure (Demo)

Carcinogen existed in the early nineties and was a starting point for Dystopia bassist Todd and drummer Dino. They're commonly referred to as "Pre-Dystopia", as their demo offers a early look at the later band. As I see it, their demo is just as primordial, thrashy and grinding as Carcass' first record. If anyone has their promo, give me a shout.

Carcinogen - Kure (demo)

Dystopia Shits



MINDGRINDER: New Schedule (Revision)

MINDGRINDER! Now on MONDAY evenings from 10pm-12am (eastern) starting NEXT week!

{Stoner, Sludge, Doom, Grind, Crust and Violence}



Mammoth Grinder - Extinction of Humanity

Dirty ass thrash-punk from Texas played at rollicking-grindcore speed, minus the blastbeats. Thick as shit with solos galore:

Mammoth Grinder - Extinction of Humanity



Behold! The Monolith - Self Titled

This marks the lumbering, calculated, and none too soon return of LA's battle-geared 'Monolith'.This release follows their crushing, tersely unnamed EP, and shows no hint of the Battlestag slowing down anytime soon.

Little has changed since we've last heard from 'Behold! The Monolith'; they're still the ravenous metallic sludge-trompers we encountered earlier this year...and then some. With this new outing, they've displayed, moreso than before, a dynamic adaption between calm, war, and utter turmoil that proves the band is geared for growth in the future...for the better. They blend the buzz and rumble of High on Fire and RWAKE, with the artful progressive roots of bands like Mastodon; ultimately displaying the capability and courage to put aside the sludgehammer and ponder upon the smoother guitar licks. But when they do get heavy...they're relentless.

Behold! The Monolith - Self Titled (320 kbps)



Nausea - Extinction

Crust Punk from NYC's C-Squat back in the mid to late 80s through the early 90s. Loud, dark, angry, and righteous as fuck:

Nausea - Extinction

Downer Rock Genocide (Classic Rock Comp.)

This is a collection of forgotten classic rock bands from the late 60s and early 70s, passed onto me from another blog, probably Sludge Swamp or the like. It's something for the many fans of groups like Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath, or Blue Cheer who've hit the wall, as it were, and are looking for something "new" to listen to. Most of these are bands who've faded into obscurity post-70s (including the original 'Iron Maiden' and previously posted 'Red Dirt'). They're toughies to track down, even on blogger....if you happen to find any of their full albums, gimme a shout-out. Roots of sludge, stoner, and all things rock right here:

Downer Rock Genocide
Part 1
Part 2



Timebomb - The Full Wrath of the Slave

"Italian, vegan straight edge, anarcho-communist black metal."
Timebomb is relatively unknown, and I can't dig up any information on them, besides from that catchy little tag I quoted above. While I can gather the Black Metal influence, from the tremolo-blastbeat-heavy interludes, this is more of a straight ahead thrash album than anything else (and pretty impressive for an album that came out in '97).

As I see it, they sound like a more organic, but equally heavy, Godflesh, mixed with the groove and thrash sensibilities of Sepultura.

Timebomb - The Full Wrath of the Slave



Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - Early Demos

This band marks what I like to think of as the first real spiritual return to music for mammoth front-man Tad Doyle. The release of TAD's final album 'Infrared Riding Hood' was followed by a few years of uncertainty as members slowly dropped off to follow other projects and the powerful waves of the grunge movement started to recede from the banks of mainstream popularity. Kurt Danielson migrated off to France for a few years while Tad, after the release of his side project "Hog Molly", took a small hiatus from music and seemed to fade into obscurity. Many, as I did, probably assumed he had died from medical complications related to him brutally abusing his body during TADs reckless touring schedule from '89 to the mid-nineties.

Rest assured that Tad Doyle is alive and well, and now producing music with his new band 'Brothers of the Sonic Cloth'. 'Brothers' adapts a sound similar to Yob and The Christpunchers to Tad's natural songwriting talent, without sounding dated, and outmatching TAD in layers of grit and filth. They only produced 50 or so copies of their actual demo, for whatever reason, sometime last year. Tad has kept a close clamp down on the release on ANY of their material stating only:

We only made 50 copies of these beauties, and not a single copy more will leave hell and enter your little paws... this is because we think it's nice to have a very rare and limited collection of our first documented tracks with our new lineup. We brought and sold all 25 copies that we had available on our merch table, when we played Ash Street, last February 28th. We will have the remaining 25 for sale at our next few shows and they will go fast... no, really.

So, make sure to come early and pick up yours if you don't already have it, cause it goes without saying (though, we'll still say it) that you won't find any versions of these two songs on the internet, because, of course, nobody would dare put them up online for free download... right? Right. Please don't.
So, as you can see, Tad doesn't like the idea of any of their demos reaching any sort of circulation on the internet, and will probably request this be taken down within a few days of me posting this. I hope he'll take into consideration our intentions here and understand that there's a huge camp of people, me included, who will gladly follow his musical career to the ends of the earth...and I can't say that for many artists (see Chris Cornell). I also hope he might consider sending WMUC a copy of his bands demo, considering MINDGRINDER doesn't exactly have the funds to spring a ticket out to Seattle and buy a CD at one of their shows.

...anyway, 'Brothers of the Sonic Cloth' are planning, what I guess would be their first official release, a split 10" with Mico De Noche due to be released on Halloween of '09 with a distribution of 500 copies. Keep an eye on their myspace and Tad's blog for more news on that.

Brothers of the Sonic Cloth - Early Demos

and as a bonus, here are two TAD songs which were released separately as singles late in their career. The first 'Obsidian Lights' was recorded during the production of 'Infrared Riding Hood' and 'Kevorkian's Holiday' was a later single, dating around '98 or so. If anyone has the other halves of these singles, or a copy they're willing to sell, hit me up.

TAD - Late Singles


NOTE: These are early recordings the band made between 2005 and 2007. This is NOT the demo that was released in extremely limited quantities....still waiting for that one to surface.


Carcass - Complete Peel Sessions

I talked about Carcass a good while ago here, back when they originally started their "reunion" tour. Lucky for you, they're still on that very same tour and probably coming to a dive-bar near you, playing all of your favorite hits from Necroticism and Heartwork. How is it that Carcass is still doing this tour, but Sleep refuses to push their reunion beyond a couple dates in the UK? Does anyone care anymore?

...anyway--this is a complete collection of their John Peel recording sessions, dating from late '89 and '91. The entirety of the sessions wasn't circulated until their 'Best-of' album 'Choice Cuts' was released...and since most of you probably didn't bother with it, I packaged it on its own:

Carcass - The Complete Peel Sessions



Magrudergrind - Self Titled

Magrudergrind is thrashviolence/grindcore/'whatever genre tag you want to regurgitate' from the Baltimore/District of Columbia area. Here's a vinyl rip of Magrudergrind's self-titled EP, released sometime in late May/early June. I've been avoiding uploading this for a month or so now, but I think the band has more vested interest in people digging their album than making profit.


Buy it here

Download here


Thrones - Sperm Whale

Joe Preston's ass-heavy, bass-driven one man project reminiscent of the Melvins evil sludgy skull crushing wonder years. There's a whole lot of character hidden in that survivalist beard:

Thrones - Sperm Whale


The Whip

Here's a band formed by Jared Warren and Scott Jernigan of KARP, as well as Joe Preston (of every sludge band you've ever liked). They only existed for around a year, or possibly less, before 'The Whip' came to a complete halt following the accidental and untimely death of Jernigan. Here we have their only official release, a 7-inch released on Wantage Records (check left sidebar), as well as a small collection of loose-ends, including two untitled tracks and a cover of Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy".

Don't get this confused with that hipster electro garbage:

The Whip



Weapon - Para Bhakti...Salvation EP + Violated Hejab EP

Orthodox Black Metal from Canada (Edmonton, Alberta). They just released their first full length on Tape and LP. Buy that here.

These are two of their EPs, released in 2005 and 2008, respectively:

Violated Hejab EP
Para Bhakti...Salvation EP



Disassemble - Demogrinder

If this baby-eating motherfucker could be represented through sound...he would be Disassemble.

Local (for us), Baltimore based grindcore. This 2008 demo counts as their first release, and it's not a bad foot to start out on. Mix the emotion of 'Dystopia' with the thrashviolence of Magrudergrind, and you've got Disassemble. I still haven't gotten the chance to catch them live yet, but I met Kyle, Billy, and Kevin a little while back. Cool dudes:

Disassemble - Demogrinder (2008)

Eating Glass - Feed Them To The Vultures

Canook (Southern Ontario) Thrashcore, complete with flowered chest tattoos and blastbeats. Track after track is a crunchy misanthropic exploration played at light-speed. You can hear the skin being shred off of this dude's esophagus.

8 Tracks, 11 minutes:

Eating Glass - Feed Them To The Vultures


Ramesses - Misanthropic Alchemy

Ramesses is Blackened-Doom-Sludge from Dorset, England. The band holds two ex-members from 'Electric Wizard', another Dorset-based Doom Metal band. They left the band in 2003 a few years after recording 'Dopethrone', leaving Jus Osborn as the only founding member still in the band.

Ramesses - Misanthropic Alchemy


User Requested Reupp: CLOUDS - Legendary Demo

Here's a reupload of CLOUDS' debut release 'Legendary Demo'. I got around to actually seeing CLOUDS, probably sometime around when I made that original post...I left pretty unimpressed. Their second album was a pretty dull release; where the first album had energy, the second album replaced it with typical indie bullshit. Band is way up there on the meh-factor for me right now.

'CLOUDS - Legendary Demo' Post

Here's a similar band that is much more worth your time:


(and they do a much better cover of 'Willie the Pimp')


Twin Threats To Your Sanity 2x7"

Double Split album released back in 2001 featuring a live performance of 'Diary of a Battered Child' by Dystopia, a cover of 'Procreation of the Wicked' by NOOTHGRUSH, a live version of 'Gestation' by Bongzilla, and 'Nieve' by Japanese sludge-doomers Corrupted.

Twin Threats to Your Sanity 2x7"


Red Dirt - Self Titled LP

Red Dirt is an (extremely) obscure UK psychedelic blues rock band that both formed and evaporated in 1970. This album represents their only output before their presence was smothered by the hundreds of other so-so blues rock acts that existed in the country at the time. While most of this album, besides from the opening track and the one that follows it, tends to be a little dull or uninventive by late 60s/early 70s standards, this band, at the very least, is a breath of fresh air compared to the trite 'high-school' psych rock acts that flood clubs and basements nowadays, peddling their best, albeit very poor, Black Angels/Witchcraft/Doors/Zeppelin impressions to the gaping maws of kids who would much rather play dress-up and pretend their the next wave of the Flower Children, than get with the fucking program, get a fucking job, and stop living off of their parents.


Red Dirt - Self Titled LP


User Requested Reupp: Slint - Spiderland

Here's a reupload requested by one of our readers...apparently mediafire took the link down a little after we made the post. Trey, being as typically volatile as Trey is, deleted the album off of his hard drive in disgust shortly afterwards, and probably set his laptop on fire. We usually prefer to roll into a fetal position or retreat at any sign of legal trouble...but in a contrasting movement, I found a better quality rip of the album and uploaded it for your disposal:

'Slint - Spiderland' Post


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