Carusella - Self Titled

Carusella is from Israel and they fit somewhat outside of the music that we usually post here. They bridge the gap between garage-indie and noise rock, but bring something heavier that defies that troublesome "indie" tag. The record starts off establishing the band's pummeling presence, before Tamar Aphek (vox, gits) chimes in, bringing a lighter feel to the atmosphere. Her voice wavers a bit at parts, noticeably untrained, but in a charming way. Aphek's vocal tracks are the more melodic and catchier of the few peppered throughout the record, which was most likely a deciding factor in their decision to front "Star Quality" at the head of their promotional push. Guy Schechter's (vox, skins) vocal tracks are typically the heavier tracks on the album, with more off-kilter moments that slip into something akin to Unsane or Helmet. Carusella is, without a doubt, another band you should keep an eye on in the next few upcoming years.

This album rocks like no other:

Carusella - Self-Titled



Anonymous said...

Great band and great album.


Anonymous said...

great album and great band.

steve said...

woah. saw them two days ago, amazing show full of intense atmosphere and enthusiasm. still got a "beeee" in my head. super great band, you have to see them live, absolutely.

jack said...

you must see this duo band and hear the terrific sound of the guitar;Tamar(the girl)is absolutely great with this guitar;you'll never forget them