Don't worry--PG County Police are on the job.

Run For Your Fucking Life.


Big Business. Tour EP III

^^This picture's an old one dated 2006, from my first time seeing both Big Business and the Melvins. I had only heard of Big Business from a friend of mine who saw them on their last tour then burned me a copy of their second Tour EP, which I cherished 'til I bought their first record. That's pretty much the reason why I've been trying to keep a full collection of Big Business' Tour EPs on the grinder blog. I'm just hoping that someone will go out of their way, give this a listen, and become a fan.

All in all, that's the purpose of this blog; convert our listeners into fans in hope that they go check out and support the band live. Most artists make a hell out a lot more money out of touring than they do releasing records (where sometimes labels and management intervene and take their large cut of the sales). If you find anything you like here...go see the band live and scream your throat raw!

This is the third Tour EP by Big Business, and it's freshly released. Make sure you buy a copy when Big Business and the Melvins come tearing through your town--I know I will.

Big Business - Tour EP III
(Thank you Sludge Swampers)

Here are the links to the other two BB Tour EPs:
Tour EP I
Tour EP II



CLOUDS - Legendary Demo

This is the first album by Boston rockers "CLOUDS". This is yet another album I got on promo from my old job...ended up liking it so much I went out and bought the real thing. Here's hoping you feel compelled in the same way:

CLOUDS - Legendary Demo



Sean Gray of WMUC's own "DNA in the DNA" has been putting together a festival in the past few months titled DNA TEST FEST. It's free and open to the public and goes from 6pm and into the night today and Saturday. It'll be hosted at University of Maryland: College Park's radio station (3130 South Campus Dining Hall).

Day 1: 7/25/08
6pm - ?


Tall Firs
FNU Ronnie
Kurt Vile
No Fucker
True Womanhood
Ian Nogoski
Vegetative State
The Lampshades
Nicholas Szczepanik
Kid Romance

Day 2: 7/26/08
6pm - ?


Buckets of Bile

You have no excuse. This is free!


(P.S. -- Trey and I are hosting filling in for the slot before Sean so we can host an episode of MINDGRINDER. 4-6pm Today (Friday) Eastern Time Zone)

Chris Cornell. What the hell are you doing?

Lets start here (:56):

From NW obscurity, to fronting a wildly successful band in the early 90s, to cancelling gigs to model $200 jeans?

Also, Chris Cornell is now apparently working in collaboration with Timbaland to produce his R&B album.

The boy's having a mid-life crisis.


What the hell is Kim Thayil doing nowadays?

P.S.: Here's some vintage Soundgarden for ya...

Soundgarden - Louder Than Love



In case you're not familiar with the ChristPunchers yet--we've done a couple of spots on them in the past:

Chatterview with Vince Williams (Guitarist)

ChristPunchers Introduction

Now, I've been wanting to upload some of their stuff for a long time now, but considering I've been in contact with these guys for a little bit and don't want them losing any possible sales due to piracy, I've tried not to. However, sometimes the best thing you can do to expose a band is to release some of their material out in the public for free. Included in this post are two ChristPunchers releases, one of their Unfortunate Miracle Records 7"s, "Cold Hands", and a Tape-Only release, "Black Lung In The Age of Crime". I believe that the 7" is still in stock and available for purchase from Unfortunate Miracle's website, however, the tape is out of print. If you guys like this, I suggest you purchase their two full length albums, "Welcome to the Wonderful World..." and "Psalms For A New Dark Age". If you have paypal, you can buy both albums straight from the puncher fellas(pure profit for them!) on their website. Why not buy an awesome Punchers shirt while you're at it?

Cold Hands/Every Whore For Herself 7" and Black Lung In The Age of Crime

Support local and underground music!


Change of Plans

I know how much Fred was looking forward to my Dad being on the radio, but he's a busy man and is otherwise detained. Stay tuned as he expressed interest in doing one next week. In the meantime, tune in today at 6 P.M. EST to listen to the regularly scheduled awesomness.

Zoroaster - Self-titled

Well, I saw that Fred uploaded their newest album so I thought I'd share their first EP with you guys. Shit's heavy but not as well-crafted as their album is. Still definitely worth your time as it's some of the better "Sludge" out there.

Zoroaster - Zoroaster


Have you fucking heard this?

I'm late to the wagon on this one...this is heavy, evil, sludgy shit.

Zoroaster - Dog Magic


Special Father's Day Edition

I farted in my Dad's mouth for Father's Day because I don't have much money but Lord knows I've got a hell of a lot of gas.

Long story short, he didn't think it was a very good gift so I promised him I'd let him come on the radio show with me. This Wednesday, July 23, Ronald Louis Wilson Jr. will be co-hosting Beckett's Metal with me. I've let him make up about half of the two-hour playlist though I'll let you all be surprised by what he came up with. As a result, expect something a little different than the usual show.

Don't worry, he's cool enough...


Spazz - Sweatin' 3: Skatin', Satan, and Katon

This is Spazz's "Sweatin 3" album, which boasts a hearty helping of 67 tracks of pure powerviolence, including a Dead Kennedys and LARM cover:

Spazz - Sweatin' 3: Skatin', Satan, and Katon

Now take a look at this:

What the fuck.



Bad Brains

This is an under appreciated album of theirs--100% hardcore and waist deep in their later career, prior to the first break up of the band. It has the same sort of feel as "I Against I", but it's a little heavier. Give it a listen:

Bad Brains - Quickness



An awesome moment brought to you by an awesome band



Crush. Kill. Destroy.



Týr - How Far To Asgaard

The First album from Viking/Folk Metal Masters. Pretty fucking cool and epic.

Týr - How Far To Asgaard

Another GG Post

This is a compilation of some of GG's best works, including "I'm Gonna Rape You", "Cock On The Loose", "I Kill Everything I Fuck", and "Suck My Ass It Smells". Fuckin' Genius.

G.G. Allin - Shit Sprayin' Classics


Fast brutal aggressive Black Metal from Sweden.

Heresi - Psalm II: Infusco Ignis

Broken Hope

Got this one from my former place of employment--bought it at the recommendation of a coworker, and the cover completely sold it for me. This is Goregrind at it's finest.

Broken Hope - Swamped in Gore

Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room

Unreleased material from everyone's favorite post-punk cool kids.

Sonic Youth - The Destroyed Room


Features members of OM, High on Fire, and NOOTHGRUSH before the formation of Sleep. Kinda sludgy guitar work mixed with rasped vocals. The band released two singles (Dejection and Unclean) before losing a guitarist and morphing into the band Sleep.

The fellas at Southern Lord were nice enough to re-release their material on CD format; get at it:

Asbestosdeath - Dejection, Unclean

Southern Lord

(get the new earth album while yer at it!)


P.S. (and melvins album!)

Keelhaul Discography

I was cruisin' the web one day and saw an entry on Metal-Archives for "Progressive/math/sludge" and I came all over my self. After a fresh change of underwear I scoured the world for all I could find of this "Keelhaul" band who were apparently slow AND math-y...

What follows will completely blow your fucking mind. (All of Keelhaul's main LPs)

Keelhaul - Keelhaul (1998)

Keelhaul - II (2001)

Keelhaul - Subject to Change Without Notice (2003)


THRASH Super-Post

This post is a collection of some of my favorite Thrash Metal bands, some which I haven't listened to in awhile and I'm sort of catching up with again. Everyone SHOULD know who these bands are; but if you don't....

This is the Dave Mustaine super-band. It took me awhile to really get into Megadeth, but it's pretty rewarding once you do. Megadeth was started shortly after Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica for being an belligerent drunk. Their first release was the album "Killing Is My Business...and Business is Good!", where Mustaine attempted to regain his integrity and "street cred" by showing everyone his awful (and original) version of "The Four Horsemen".

MEGADETH - Countdown To Extinction
Other Albums To Get:
Peace Sells...But Who's Buying
Rust In Peace


A great band that didn't take themselves too seriously--they had songs about super-cops and comic books. These guys fucking ripped--every album with Belladonna was gold. Hopefully you caught them on their 2006 reunion tour. If you didn't--you're shit outta luck.
Anthrax - Among the Living
Other Albums to Get:
Fistful of Metal
Spreading the Disease
State of Euphoria
Persistance of Time
The Greater of Two Evils

This band is the centerpiece of "thrash metal". They had an awesome 5 album run before devolving into has-beens and trend followers. Who knows though, maybe the new album won't be totally fucking awful.

Metallica - Master of Puppets Part 1 -- Part 2
Other Albums To Get:
Kill 'Em All
Ride The Lightning
...And Justice For All

This is one of the few bands of the genre who I actually like, or rather, can tolerate as human beings. Living Legends and not extremely full of themselves. Also one of the few of these bands that I STILL like (in terms of new material).

Slayer - South of Heaven
Other Albums To Get:
Reign in Blood
Seasons in the Abyss
Hell Awaits
Divine Intervention
Show Mercy
(All of Slayer's Discography is fine, the only album I dislike is Diabolus in Musica)

I wrote a post on these guys awhile ago--there's not much to add upon my previous description. These guys popped up in CA sometime in the late 90s when Thrash was out of vogue, but were still pretty fucking good. Unfortunately, they were ignored and dissolved shortly after their second album.

EvilDead - Annihilation of Civilization

Brazilian Thrash. Band got stupid when Max Cavalera left the band. They also got pretty Nu-Metal.

Sepultura - Beneath The Remains
Other Albums To Get:
Chaos A.D.

S.O.D. and M.O.D.
I hate Billy Milano. S.O.D. features Scott Ian (rhythm guitar), Dan Lilker, and Joey Benante from Anthrax, which adds up to an awesome line-up, and keeps Milano from influencing and tainting the music with too much of his fat-douchebaggery. M.O.D. is Milano's other band, titled M.O.D. because he was too stupid and uncreative to come up with a band name that wasn't ripping off the name of his other band.

S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die
M.O.D. - U.S.A. For M.O.D.

This is the band that Kirk Hammett was in before he joined Metallica and replaced Dave Mustaine on lead guitar. Tons of hits on their first album, including Pirahna (PIRAHNAAAAH) and Strike Of the Beast. I don't really care for their albums beyond this one.

Exodus - Bonded By Blood

Beyond Thrash:

Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back to Life
Cannibal Corpse's Thrashiest (and first!) album. A must have, and one of my favorites

GWAR - Scumdogs of the Universe
A band wrapped in satire that has a pretty interesting musical-scape, from old-school hardcore to thrash.

RAMMER - Cancer
Death meets thrash. This is a relatively new band...but they went and broke up. Great album. Download it. (and buy it!)

System of a Down - Self Titled
First album by a great band I used to listen to a lot in high school.


Schedule Change

Hello everybody, hope your summer's goin' well and all that bullshit. Just thought I'd mention that Beckett's Metal has been moved to Wednesdays 6-8PM so you won't have to wake up early Saturday morning with a hangover and hear my racket. Tune in on Wednesdays (unless you wanna hear some nujazz, whatever the hell that is...)


The Immortal Lee County Killers

Promised a pal I'd upload these bad boys, and maybe any who haven't heard of them yet'll get an ear-full.
What follows are two of the most uncompromising re-imaginings of Robert Johnson-styled delta blues. Led Zeppelin fused rock with blues, these guys fused punk. Their third album is much less confrontational as these two, but is still worth a listen if you don't mind the ballad-y, more introspective side of raw music.
The music can sound kind of flat sometimes due to the production, but in some ways it works out in the Killers' favor. Just check 'em out...

The Essential Fucked Up Blues!

Love is a Charm of Powerful Trouble (My favorite of the two)


Unemployed and broke. Gonna upload some fun stuff soon. Would YOU employ us?