In case you're not familiar with the ChristPunchers yet--we've done a couple of spots on them in the past:

Chatterview with Vince Williams (Guitarist)

ChristPunchers Introduction

Now, I've been wanting to upload some of their stuff for a long time now, but considering I've been in contact with these guys for a little bit and don't want them losing any possible sales due to piracy, I've tried not to. However, sometimes the best thing you can do to expose a band is to release some of their material out in the public for free. Included in this post are two ChristPunchers releases, one of their Unfortunate Miracle Records 7"s, "Cold Hands", and a Tape-Only release, "Black Lung In The Age of Crime". I believe that the 7" is still in stock and available for purchase from Unfortunate Miracle's website, however, the tape is out of print. If you guys like this, I suggest you purchase their two full length albums, "Welcome to the Wonderful World..." and "Psalms For A New Dark Age". If you have paypal, you can buy both albums straight from the puncher fellas(pure profit for them!) on their website. Why not buy an awesome Punchers shirt while you're at it?

Cold Hands/Every Whore For Herself 7" and Black Lung In The Age of Crime

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Christopher Berry said...

based on this download, i'm purchasing the SHIT out of that 7".

Apoctosis said...

Good stuff.