Chatterview with Vince Williams of the Christpunchers

MG – Mindgrinder
VW – Vince Williams (guitars; Christpunchers)

VW: Crazy Thing…

MG: Yeah, I just figured this out the other day.

VW: I usually do the forwarding thing... kinda nice. Web based email.. just don't know. So whats up dude?

MG: Alright, I'm gonna ask just ask you a few questions, some of which you've already answered in our previous correspondence.

VW: Shoot Man

MG: But...first thing's first: did your drummer Mike Alonso used to be in this Detroit Power Metal band called "Seduce"?

VW: Not an actual member…but he filled in a few times. Chuck Burns was the Seduce drummer...Detroit rock history time!

MG: Hahaha. So, why don't you tell me the epic story about the conception of the Christpunchers

VW: As in…the same one I told you the other day? Hah…that epic tale?

MG: Haha, pretty much

VW: Well... Mike and I were jamming together…just casual shit. Get together, start riffing…found out we could do it for hours... just keep churning shit out. People listening would be like "I liked that one song...but it was too long.”…like they thought we were rehearsed or some shit. We joked about doing a gig one day... 2 piece thing...got our chance when a pal asked is whether or not I had a working band to open a show.

MG: So how does Josh fit into all of this?

VW: Well…Josh was a drinking pal. I was in 7000 Dying Rats with him for a while…so it was like: "Hey…lets do the gig... call it the Christpunchers!"

MG: and the bastard child was born...

VW: yes…3 headed monster…

MG: So how would you describe the sound of this deformed child of sin?

VW: BAHHHH, the punchers…"the audio equivalent of a dinosaur shitting".

MG: That sounds pretty brutal.

VW: At that time it was more metal than doom, I guess.

MG: So, you guys are currently signed to Unfortunate Miracle, right?

VW: Signed!! hahhaha yeah…thats our pal Blake.

MG: Oh yeah?

VW: He just moved back to Michigan from AZ…relocated his family AGAIN.

MG: Ahh…so is this what's holding up the release of your 7"s?

VW: Probably. The Suma (split 7”) one was all set to go and we ended up waiting for them to submit their track…then by the time (if it ever) arrived, Blake had other shit lined up. Same with the Salt Miners split…which was his proposed "Doom / Bluegrass" split.

MG: Which sounded like a brilliant idea...

VW: They fired a member…had to re-record the track…by the time it was resubmitted..etc..etc…

MG: So you guys have been pretty much pushed to the side due to the other band on the split not getting their shit straight?

VW: Kinda like... that and money issues. Blake doesn't have a cash machine in his bathroom…little fish in an ocean….

MG: Right

VW: But he put out some great shit.

MG: Yeah, he seems like a tenacious fellow.

VW: There was a proposed The Christpunchers/Boulder split that never got off the ground... where we were both going to write and record songs FOR Celtic Frost. Hah--Everyone around these parts has a soft spot for Frost.

MG: What do you think of their rise in mainstream attention?

VW: Well…my feelings are mixed...Morbid Tales, Emporers Return and To Mega Therion were such huge records. Then, more so than any other band that I used to worship, they did a 180 and churned out some criminally shitty records. Shamefully so, in my opinion.

MG: I think they lamented those records later on…

VW: Now they realize all these years later…"Oh yeah, we were heavy once!"

MG: I think Metallica's feeling that right about now....

VW: Bahhh, hahha. Well…Metallica were poised to suck after Cliff died. I think he kept them grounded in metal reality.

MG: They kind of spun off orbit after he was crushed by that bus....

VW: For sure. No one left to keep Lars in check--he was the elder

MG: Hahaha--Lars in control is a bad bad thing.

VW: Sure seemed that way.

MG: So what's your opinion of the overall musical landscape of the present? Metal’s becoming an increasingly accepted format in the mainstream.

VW: It is in a way, eh.

MG: (I'm going to avoid interjecting my own opinion here.)


MG: haha

VW: Here's the problem: metal needs to die again and go back underground…where it can ferment…and grow evil again. You got all these gothic type metal bands, glamming it up…making it a fashion of sorts, not unlike the Cinderellas of the 80's.

MG: So it's kind of like we've had a reboot of heavy metal, right back to the mid 80s. Are there any specific bands you want to call out?

VW: Well…all the clones of chimp biscuit--top of the list. They pulled the teeth out of metal…made it easy for your baby sister to chew it up and swallow it like sweet pap. Linkin Parks…FUCKIN KID ROCK.

MG: hahaha, I thought he was dead.

VW: Shit man…criminally shitty. Maybe it’s just a Detroit thing. But, Christ, what a stink…such put on crap. In Detroit, people stop looking for real music beyond rock radio, largely. If it ain't on the WRIF…it’s not on most folk’s radar. Sometimes shit leaks out of the diaper, though. Back in the 90's, while everyone was basking in the Seattle stuff, some great music was happening…some great bands...Good thing about this dang ol’ innerweb. As soon as I lose faith in rock, I happen upon something and I believe again.

MG: So, what are some of these "things" you've been running across?

VW: Latest shit that's been knocking me out is this band Nadja; great dirty, dirgey soundscapes.**

MG: Sounds pretty appealing.

VW: Worth seeking out, man. Found this band Conifer too…pretty interesting shit. Boris can be giant when they want to be, at least the recordings. There was a decent show here last night... Sourvein and Zoroaster. My new band, Year of the Pig, opened up…there were some folks out…on a snowy Feburary night.

MG: You wanna talk about them a bit?

VW: What choo wanna know? Different than the Punchers…

MG: How so?

VW: Well…hmm….not as doomy I guess…first off...more in a am-rep noise way…3 piece…

MG: That sounds fucking good.

VW: Me and the drummer and bass player from Diegrinder…more furious…angry… huge distorted bass tones…spat vocals.

MG: Anything out yet, or are you guys still fresh?

VW: Last night was our fifth show. Trying to get my recording shit back on track…I had to disassemble Mount Doom...I moved, long story. Supposed to be recording tomorrow... but once I got everything hooked up, I was popping breakers.

MG: Damn. So, got any plans for the future of the jesusfisters, or you, personally?

VW: The Punchers will never die...beauty of it is that we can do it anytime. Mike’s an actual working musician see…he ain't got time to do this stuff too much. When he's in town we get together and rock.

MG: What's Mike up to nowadays?

VW: Seeing the world with Electric Six.

MG: Good for him, sounds exciting.

VW: I guess…making money, etc. What am I supposed to tell him? "DUDE…come on…we could be playing in front of 10 people here in Detroit…why would you want to go to Australia??!"

MG: hahahaha

VW: That shits totally not my bag at all. I don't get it, but I don't have to. I wouldn't be in a band unless I was 100% in love with the music I was playing, not to say he isn't or whatever...but I'd rather play in front of a handful of appreciative people than put a price on playing. JOE INTEGRITY HERE.

MG: Haha…alright, man. Thanks for the chatterview.

VW: No probs man…was a good time.

The Christpunchers are currently distributing their material through Unfortunate Miracle Records. Go git’ it!

Unfortunate Miracle Records

**And check out NADJA while yer at it.