Pre-Spring Break Fill-Ins

So...spring break is almost upon us, and many-a-DJs have chosen to throw their shows away for a week so they can study and sleep and other boring non-important things--So this leaves to the door open to us and the other DJs to fill in for their shows and play pretty much anything we want. Trey and I filled in for David Holtzer earlier this week (as you've probably seen from our earlier gore-filled post), and I filled in for Joe's show "Grown N' Sexy" (my version of it was neither). We both got an opportunity to play some music that we like that doesn't necessarily fit in MINDGRINDER's format, so if you want to get a better feel of our tastes and enjoy our entertaining banter.....

ULTRAGRINDER on Exile on Vain Street
Fred on Grown N' Sexy
Remember...the archives are updated once a week, so when the next broadcast comes around...these links are going to go dead. Enjoy.