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Soooo, more boring blah blah radio announcements. Our show, MINDGRINDER, is airing tomorrow from 10pm to 12am (eastern time) at wmucradio.com, streaming real-time on that interwebbernetsthingermajigger. Expect more noise rock.

Also, important to note, beware those who frequent the blog daily (I know there are some of you! Like two of you or something.): I'm going to shittily embed a windows media player stream of our show a little before we go live on the air and take it down once the shows over. This will be in place 'til I put effort into figuring out how to embed a quicktime stream. I know this will be annoying to most of you...because I know when I'm stealing other people's music, I'm probably listening to other shit I've stolen really really loud. But SHIT--deal with it for 2 hours every week, indulge us.

Other news: Our buddy Apoctosis over from Death By Hanger got a radio show (titled Into the Void) at UMBC's station, and he's been kind enough to rip the internet streams by his own ingenuity. Look at how much he's done for you! You owe him, BIG. And paying him in garglejobs isn't cutting it anymore. (On the Air Live Thursdays from 2-4pm (eastern time))

Into the Void is handi-capable radio. We will have to have a crossover episode sometime, like in X-Men.


Shut the fuck up: Melvins - Ozma


Shit and Shine

What an ambiguous fucking band. Shit and Shine is a Texas/London based band (which I gather means some members are from America/Texas and others from London, and the band is based in London), releases albums full of bizarre noise, drone, and tape tracks, all backed with hypnotizing percussion lines. The band performs with 6 or so drummers and a few others on guitar, but I can't pin down WHO is actually in the band. Anyway, here are three releases, take them as you will:

Cigarette Sequence
Kuss Mich, Meine Liebe
Ladybird -- My Favorite


Give these people your money.

Re-up Grazhdanskaya Oborona

This is Grazhdanskaya Oborona's album "Civil Defense". This is probably one of the first albums we ever uploaded here (this, Ahab, or the KARP Demo Tape), and I happened to notice it was down.

Grazdanskaya Oborona - Civil Defense

(awesome lo-fi russian cold-war era punk rock)

RIP Letov


!T.O.O.H.! (The Obliteration Of Humankind) were a "deathgrind" band from the great Czech Republic. In their infancy, they were sort of a straight-ahead death metal group, in the sense that their lyrics revolved mainly around gore (like most Brutal Death Metal Groups). Later on, as the band matured, their lyrics picked up focus moreso on politics than anything else. The band managed to release 3 LPs before disintegrating, woefully at the hands of their label Earache Records (who dropped them a couple of months after the release of their album, which financially devastated them).

!T.O.O.H.! has a very distinctive sound that's difficult for me to describe--but every single time I listen to them, I enjoy them immensely. If you're relatively interested in grindcore, death metal (Death, Cynic, so on and so forth), or Eastern-European Metal bands in general, check this out:

From Higher Will (first record)
Pod Vlaudou Bice
Rad a Trest (last record)




"Everyone is aware that life is parodic and that it lacks an interpretation. Thus lead is the parody of gold. Air is the parody of water. The brain is the parody of the equator. Coitus is the parody of crime. Gold, water, the equator, or crime can each be put forward as the principle of things... The sea continuously jerks off.
--Georges Bataille

So goes, in part, the text of Bataille's 1927 essay "The Solar Anus". And it's hard to resist, right? Everyone is aware that Solar Anus, the band, are parodic and that they lack an interpretation. Thus their band name is a parody of a band name. Their grunting sludge is the parody of real music. Their color-saturated semi-pornography is the parody of cover art. Listening to Solar Anus is the parody of relaxation and enjoyment...Solar Anus continuously jerk off. And so on. "

Solar Anus is a relatively obscure Sludge band from Japan--so obscure that I can't seem to find one lick of info one these guys. All I know is that they released 3 LPs, none of which had distribution outside of JPN. They mix psychedelia with sludge, mayhem, and hellfire:

Complete Solar Anus Disc 1 // Part 1 // Part 2
Complete Solar Anus Disc 2 // Part 1 // Part 2

Any more info on the band would be appreciated


Painted Willie

I've been looking for these guys for 2-3 years now...can anyone point me in the right direction?



Corrupted - La Victima es Tu Mismo 7"

Fucking awesome infamous sludge band from Japan--really really downtuned repetitive stuff with some of the graveliest vocals around:
Corrupted - La Victima es Tu Mismo

Here's the title track live:

CROM Discography (as we know it, or at least, as I know it)

Left Back, Let Down Split (Their early Powerviolence days)
Hot Sumerian Nights
The Cocaine Wars 1974 - 1989


Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars

What do you get when you mix a radical environmentalist with a nihilistic metalhead?

Wolves in the Throne Room - Diadem of 12 Stars

(Black Metal from the outskirts of Olympia, Washington)


Another record salvaged from my old job--this is a Xasthur/Leviathan Split. About as lo-fi and abrasive as you can get:

Xasthur/Leviathan Split

Like this? Check out Nocnitsa

Heresi - Psalm I

First album by those Swedish dudes:

Heresi - Psalm I

Here's the second album

Black Goat - Demo

San-Fran Thrash/Black/Speed band from the early 90s(?). This is pretty Lo-fi (it was also recorded live), but don't let that stop you from checking these guys out:

Black Goat - Demo

MIA as far as I can tell.

A heaping helping of BATHORY

Bathory--the foundation for Black Metal as a whole and flagship of Nordic Viking Metal. If you have any interest whatsoever in Black Metal--download this (start with Blood Fire Death). My personal favorite? Hammerheart.

Blood Fire Death -- Part 1 Part 2
Hammerheart -- Part 1 Part 2
Blood on Ice
Destroyer of Worlds
Under the Sign, The Sign of the Black Mark


Trey, post Metal Black!


Joe Preston!!

Long time no see?

I was going to do this really big Joe Preston appreciation post and up 6 or so albums that he played on, but I just don't have the time to write something that large right now (plus I'm really really lazy).

INSTEAD--I will shut up and present you with these A+ Preston-affiliated efforts:

Melvins - Lysol EP
Melvins - Joe Preston EP
High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings
Thrones - Alraune

MINDGRINDER! Tomorrow at 10pm! (eastern) -- wmucradio.com

I'll make an honest effort to post a little more regularly in the next few weeks



Slammin' Watusis - Self-titled

What the fuck.

Imagine if ZZ Top, The Ramones, and Ian Underwood decided to form a punk band with a saxophone for texture. Wow, just wow...

Slammin' Watusis - Slammin' Watusis


Circle Jerks - Group Sex

My personal vinyl rip of the Circle Jerks' 15 minute album 'Group Sex'. It's authentic too--only two tracks; First Side and Second Side! Oh the novelty!!

(I was actually too lazy to cut up the tracks.)

Circle Jerks - Group Sex


Pillsbury Hardcore Discography

This is Straight-Edge Hardcore from the Mid-Eighties...I originally ran into these guys through Spazz's cover of their song "Hey Bob, What's Up?". Pillsbury Hardcore laid the groundwork for the powerviolence movement a few year later, and the members went onto bands like "Man Is The Bastard" and "Pissed Happy Children". They named the band after their Hardcore-Obsessed buddy who looked uncannily like the Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Pillsbury Hardcore - Complete Discography 1985-1986


P.S. Props to Stiles, Hal, and hightower over at KICK TO KILL



Our first show of the semester is tonight!
(10pm-12am Eastern Time Zone)

Sludge-Stoner Rock-Noise-Grunge-Drone

Also, as noted before...classes are just starting up again, so it might be a little bit before we have another posting spree...