"Everyone is aware that life is parodic and that it lacks an interpretation. Thus lead is the parody of gold. Air is the parody of water. The brain is the parody of the equator. Coitus is the parody of crime. Gold, water, the equator, or crime can each be put forward as the principle of things... The sea continuously jerks off.
--Georges Bataille

So goes, in part, the text of Bataille's 1927 essay "The Solar Anus". And it's hard to resist, right? Everyone is aware that Solar Anus, the band, are parodic and that they lack an interpretation. Thus their band name is a parody of a band name. Their grunting sludge is the parody of real music. Their color-saturated semi-pornography is the parody of cover art. Listening to Solar Anus is the parody of relaxation and enjoyment...Solar Anus continuously jerk off. And so on. "

Solar Anus is a relatively obscure Sludge band from Japan--so obscure that I can't seem to find one lick of info one these guys. All I know is that they released 3 LPs, none of which had distribution outside of JPN. They mix psychedelia with sludge, mayhem, and hellfire:

Complete Solar Anus Disc 1 // Part 1 // Part 2
Complete Solar Anus Disc 2 // Part 1 // Part 2

Any more info on the band would be appreciated



Anonymous said...

Complete Solar eclipse!

Incantation said...

It seems the last link is not active. Reupload?