Radio Shit -- WMUC -- WMBC

Soooo, more boring blah blah radio announcements. Our show, MINDGRINDER, is airing tomorrow from 10pm to 12am (eastern time) at wmucradio.com, streaming real-time on that interwebbernetsthingermajigger. Expect more noise rock.

Also, important to note, beware those who frequent the blog daily (I know there are some of you! Like two of you or something.): I'm going to shittily embed a windows media player stream of our show a little before we go live on the air and take it down once the shows over. This will be in place 'til I put effort into figuring out how to embed a quicktime stream. I know this will be annoying to most of you...because I know when I'm stealing other people's music, I'm probably listening to other shit I've stolen really really loud. But SHIT--deal with it for 2 hours every week, indulge us.

Other news: Our buddy Apoctosis over from Death By Hanger got a radio show (titled Into the Void) at UMBC's station, and he's been kind enough to rip the internet streams by his own ingenuity. Look at how much he's done for you! You owe him, BIG. And paying him in garglejobs isn't cutting it anymore. (On the Air Live Thursdays from 2-4pm (eastern time))

Into the Void is handi-capable radio. We will have to have a crossover episode sometime, like in X-Men.


Shut the fuck up: Melvins - Ozma