FLIPPER - Live at Dante's 12.02.06

Flipper's a band that's hated by some and cherished by many. Punk scenesters of the time hated their dissonance while others found some sort of novelty or value in what they were doing. Later on, teenagers across the country flipped through their local record stores, picking up anything they could find by the group, at the promotion of K. Cobain. By the mid-nineties, long after the death of Vocalist/Bassist Will Shatter, the band had splintered off and gone their separate ways. Bruce Loose, second vocalist, was caught in a serious car accident towards the end of the decade, and still uses a cane to get around...their Drummer Steve DePace moped around for awhile looking for someone to publish a FLIPPER book, and Falconi slipped into obscurity.

Around 2005 or so, the group got together, with temporary replacement bassist Bruno DeSmartass, to play a couple of dates at CBGB. Shortly after, the band picked up former-NIRVANA bassist Krist Novoselic, and started to play dates up and down the west coast, more notably in the SF and Portland areas (There were also a few dates played with the Melvins...). The band WAS planning to go ahead and do a national tour, but Novoselic backed out due to "obligations at home" (?), so the tour is currently in limbo.

The show I'm uploading is from 12/02/06 (the date of my 18th birthday, in case you really care), out in Portland, Oregon recorded at Dante's by the infamous Mike Ziegler.

Enjoy it (beware dial-uppers, this is in lossless. In other words, these files are not compressed and they're really fucking big):
Flipper - Live @ Dante's
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

(tell me if I got any of my facts wrong)
EDIT: Oh yeah--PLEASE don't re-encode these to mp3. We're try to keeping the internets pure.


Anonymous said...

Link 2 is no good...

Anonymous said...

Part 2 - no server with files


fred said...

well now...that stinks. I unfortunately can't do a damn thing about that since my hard drive died. Gone with the wind, unless one of you wants to step up and reup the thing.