Grey - Stand Before Doom [Demo]

My god. This band presents a heaviness that cannot be outweighed -- all woman power-trio doom band from good ol' Olympia, War-shing-ton. These chicks have built up a large following from this demo ALONE:
Grey - Stand Before Doom [Demo]

I believe they have recently released their first record (mixed by Billy Anderson and produced by Jack Endino!)...pretty limited amounts on the vinyl front. Pick it up before it sells out:
Black LP
Grey/Clear Blend LP
Splatter LP


Diskarma said...

nice post. i think one or two of them played in a sick band called BABAYAGA out of Seattle, that was kind of similar to Damad with violin. i can't find any of their stuff except a track on the TRANSCENDENTAL MAGGOT compilation, but i think they also did a tape.

Anonymous said...

Thanks !!!