Warhorse 1998 Demo

This has nothing to do with this post. I just wanted to point out that Mastodon looks like a really hairy pop punk band.

I've had this sitting around on my hard drive for a little bit now...I'm not sure whether or not:

1) I actually like the band.


2) if the band is still around and did anything beyond this demo.

The instrumentals are awesome--they're dead-on sludgy doom....but, the vocals are shades of Evanescence. They're just too operatic and "pretty" for my tastes in sludge. The production value of the demo is pretty lame too...things don't feel very cohesive--in terms of how the vocals and instrumentals work together, but that just might be an inherent quality of what they were trying to do.

However, don't let me dissuade you...I DID put forth the effort to upload this in the first place after all...

Warhorse - '98 Demo



the worried well said...

Warhorse are the shit. They ditched the vocalist and found a growler. Track down ' As Heaven Turns to Ash...' on Southern Lord. It's like a lost Sleep album.

fred said...

God damn! You just made my week