Black Flag 1982 Demo

Played parts of this on 'Pat Robertson's Crust and Powerviolence Hour' back in the day (like three months ago). This demo features Chuck Biscuits (and is probably the only BF recording with him on it) on drums, Dez on second guitar, and Rollins on vox. The recordings took place during a brief period in 1982 when it was illegal for the band to record or release any material (for reasons I can't remember...fill me in here), which makes this demo that much more special. This recording is raw:

Black Flag - 1982 Demo


ipecac said...

they were involved in a lawsuit with their then label (MCA) over money issues...and weren't allowed to release anything under the black flag name

they then released the "everything went black" album without the band's name on it...they instead listed the band member's names on the back

apparently that fell under all of the "releasing anything" business...and it got greg ginn and chuck dukowski 5 days in jail

Anonymous said...

thank you, this is very cool.

Mighty Joe said...

killer version of Black Coffee..thanks so much

fishdog said...

love this.

i'm slowly re-acquainting myself with BF beyond my initial brush from the Lovedoll Superstar soundtrack (Kicking and Sticking was on there and totally sold me)

much obliged!