Thrones - Punk in my Vitamins Demo

Earliest Thrones work you can possible get...our homie over at The Worried Well already posted this...I'm pretty sure those chumps over at lucid have done the same. I went and cleaned up the filenames a little bit...and it wouldn't hurt to have another Punk in my Vitamins tape added to our online collection.

Thrones - Demo Tape

(Make sure you check out Joe's Radio show on KMBT radio!)


Trey said...

Joe Preston: Hey! You got Punk in my Vitamins!

Satan: Yeah?! Well you got Vitamins in my Punk!

Together: Maybe we're on to something...

the worried well said...

I posted Alraune but muchos grassy-arse for the shout anyway!

The Well of Souls said...

It's ok,don't forget your vitamines.