Unpersons - Unpersons II

I uploaded this for a last.fm user already, so I figured I'd post the link here for all the MINDGRINDER faithful.

Unpersons is a sludgy, noisy type band from Savannah, Georgia. You might even be able to call 'em powerviolence but without the blast beats as they mix extremely chaotic and fast spurts of music with slower, more methodical distorted chugging. If I'm not mistaken, the drummer from this is also in Kylesa (them Georgians is incestuous). Fans of the up-and-coming Baroness (another fucking Savannah band) may also recognize these guys from the split they did called A Grey Sigh in a Flower Husk (Unpersons' contribution is actually not that good if you were wondering).

Anyways, here's their very-hard-to-find first LP

Unpersons - Unpersons II


bnjmn said...

please post more Unpersons!!!

all I've been able to find
is the baroness split.

griebs said...

thanks and sorry for just tripping through only now..
i like the unperson split side of baroness, so this shit here gotta be pretty good..
bless you..

goatfather said...

Thanks for posting, cheers!