Love Battery - Dayglo

In 1992, this band was the critic's darling for releasing this record, though they pretty much proved Trey's Theory of Psychedelic/Garage Influence; wait until naughties, when being a hippie is cool again. Much like The Screaming Trees (see above Theory) they pretty much toiled outside the mainstream while all their contemporaries went on to make millions, though they certainly had the requisite cult following of any decent band. They had Tommy Tillman of U-Men fame (or lack thereof), and at one point Dan Peters (Mudhoney) though he had long been replaced by Jason Finn when Dayglo came out. It's a solid release by a solid band and although their other releases pale in comparison, 1999's Confusion Au Go Go saw the triumphant return of Peters and another great record which turned out to be their swan song.

It wouldn't be here if it didn't carry our recommendation, so checks it out already.

Disclaimer: Trey's Theory of Psych/Garage Influence is not in anyway original or even true, probably. The writer just think's he's clever, but everyone knows he's a sociopath. Also, the first song hiccups a little near the end, sorryz!