Shit and Shine

What an ambiguous fucking band. Shit and Shine is a Texas/London based band (which I gather means some members are from America/Texas and others from London, and the band is based in London), releases albums full of bizarre noise, drone, and tape tracks, all backed with hypnotizing percussion lines. The band performs with 6 or so drummers and a few others on guitar, but I can't pin down WHO is actually in the band. Anyway, here are three releases, take them as you will:

Cigarette Sequence
Kuss Mich, Meine Liebe
Ladybird -- My Favorite


Give these people your money.


Apoctosis said...

whoooo, I'm so stealing this.

Ange said...

me too.. but it's not that great (the band) i've heard betters...like the melvins... great mother fuckers

fred said...

The Melvins ARE great--but I don't really see the two as comparable.