This is in reference to the post we made back when NOCNITSA made their first appearance at WMUC on Third Rail with Ol' Scratch. The dude who was originally hosting a recording of their live gig at the Talking Head, a month before the WMUC show, took it down, so I'm going to re-up it:

NOCNITSA - Live @ the Talking Head

Again, I want to stress; if you're going to check out ANY band on mindgrinder, at least check out the guys who really need to exposure...including the bands I've listed in that little box above our posts. Support local music.

ALSO; this is a blog related note...this is old news to us, but you may or may not have noticed that our old "mediamax" links no longer work. The site's changed quite a bit since we originally started using it, and I'm pretty sure that they no longer host files for free...so that means that our old old old posts, back from when the show originally started, have crossed out links to song samples we used to post. There are also removed links from old band spots we've done in the past, such as RAMMER and the ChristPunchers. In the future I'll try to be more prompt with taking care of "hosting issues" and keep you guys updated. Take care.



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