FREE METAL SHOW: Nocnitsa and Ol' Scratch

Live on Third Rail: Nocnitsa; Black Metal from Baltimore, and Ol' Scratch; Doom Metal from the good land of Virginia.

May 4th: 6pm-9pm @ WMUC Studios (above the 3130 South Campus Dining Hall). This event is open the the public. Come support local metal! (You can also stream the show live during it's broadcast on WMUC's Website.)

Nocnitsa 2008 Live Tracks: Thanks to Jeff Mewbourn for taping this!
Ol' Scratch Live in 2008: Thanks to our brothers at Sludge Swamp!


Mike Zippo said...


Have you heard the live set on the Sludge Swamp?

fredgrinder said...

gahh....I'm such a fucking scatter brain.

Sean_McEleny said...


fredgrinder said...

Hahaha; Tell them I said no problem, and that I'll see them on Sunday.

noisebreather said...

Hey Fred. I know this is off subject, but I thought you should check this blog out!
Lot's o' grunge/noise rock!

fredgrinder said...

That right there is one of those blogs I wish I had found 2 years ago; before I spent a large chunk of my time searching out a lot of those albums. Still--there's a lot of really cool stuff on there. Thanks noisebreather!

Mike Zippo said...

Trying to dl this now from WMUC.
Hope it's last nights show!

fredgrinder said...

yep--it should be all straight on the archive. Beware, however--Scratch's set overlapped into the beginning of "LEAVE THE HALL!", so to get the entire show, you'll have to download both.