Big Business. (Tour EP I)

Early Biznazz in the works. Took me awhile to actually find a copy of this--had to negotiate with the Russians. Sorry if it's getting redundant around here...but SHIT; it's Big Business.

Tour EP I. If you're interested in purchasing this sucker...better jump on it soon; Wantage USA is running low on copies.

(They'll be recording new material this summer)

--El fred


POORPBK said...

"Is there a chance I could get the first Big Business Tour EP from you? Hit me back at my blog if you can...."

You want my original copy? - PBK

ps.. I like the blog. Karp demos? Nice!

1009 said...

Thanks a lot!

cfs. said...

any chance of re-uploading this ? i bought this at their first show in portland, and since have lost it. they were great back then.

fred said...

Sure thing. I'll upload it when I get home.