Melvins 7" Extravaganza

Who remembers when the Melvins were still about the kids? I certainly don't.

Included in this are the 7"s:
Leopard Geck-o w/
Oven/Revulsion-We Reach

Slap a Ham w/
Your Blessened/Pronoun-Piece Me

and Babaraal w/
Two Untitled Tracks

Go Forth!


CORRECTION: The second track on the Barbaraal 7" is "June Bug". I'm pretty sure.


ipecac said...

it is

#1 is mostly noise and such

the worried well said...

These Melvins posts have saved me years of heartache and possible bankruptcy scouring ebay. So thanks.

Gonna be cheeky and ask if you have Drumb in yer vault. Well, do ya punk?

fred said...

Nein! I actually searched around for it man...couldn't find it ANYWHERE. I'll keep an eye out at record swaps

david said...

thanks for this. Ever since I got the Making Love Demos i've been in the mood for older Melvins!!

fred said...

update: bought Drumb...posted it a couple of years ago

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