Melt-Banana (Cell-Scape & Bambi's Dilemma)

Good News, you don't have to feel like a tool box for liking Melt-Banana!

Sure, they're popular, have a nasally-voiced Japanese woman as their singer, and have "wacky" song titles like "Pigeons on my Eyes (Go to Bed!!!)" but they're a legitimate band I swear.

Inescapable comparisons to the zeuhl-y Ruins or the noise-y Boredoms are abound so I won't bore you. Check this shit out son! Their two most recent Al-Bums

Cell-Scape (2003)

Bambi's Dilemma (2007)


ipecac said...

the guitar at the beginning of the song "shield for your eyes,a beast in the well of your hand" from the cell-scape album is in-sane

they put on one helluva live show as well

i've never seen a guitar player with so many pedals

Christopher Berry said...

there's absolutely nothing wrong with liking melt-banana. if people think they're gimmicky, whatever - they're japanese, they can do whatever they want.

they DO put on a great live show, although last time i saw them (at the black cat last year) there were maybe 70-80 people there and a surprising number were wearing korn shirts. they didn't have dave witte on drums though, like they did when i saw them in high school.

Apoctosis said...

Awesome, been awhile since I've listened to this band.

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