Faucet - Self Titled

This one's a grinder-exclusive (as you can't find it anywhere else on the fucking internet!). I've been looking for the album for a very long time and I finally stumbled across it earlier today--this is Faucet's Self-Titled and final record. Their first album, Bleeding Head, sounds like early 90s alternative mixed with some psychedelic flourishes here and there. However, this album displays more of a noise influence than anything else. Give these guys a listen if you're a noise-rock kinda guy (or girl):

Faucet - Self Titled

Here's Faucet's First Album, "Bleeding Head (You Can't Laugh All The Time)" over at [shiny grey monotone]

Don't Mess With Texas.



Christopher Berry said...

Sounds pretty rad. What's their other stuff like?

fred said...

Weird. Really Low-Raspy Vocals, crunchy guitars, with sorta-psych interludes. It still sounds like Noise Rock though.

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