Welcome to the MINDGRINDER redesign

So I just spent a good 5 hours preparing, redesigning, and re-coding the MINDGRINDER blog to support 3 columns, a larger width (900px! Sorry 800x600ers), and a completely new color palette. One of the more noticeable changes we've made is our brand new MINDGRINDER drawing, done by a good friend of ours, Laurence Williams, and the banner redesign at the top. If you guys have any comments or suggestions on the new layout, feel free to speak up!

Also, we're still waiting to hear back from the higher-ups on when our show will be airing next semester...more on that soon.



ipecac said...

digging the mindgrinder picture

i'd wear it on a tshirt to a family reunion

rickdog said...

You have a great music blog here! I've added you to my mp3blog list and custom search, check it out.

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Apoctosis said...

Very awesome layout guys. Looking forward to "Leggrinder" this semester.

fred said...

Thanks for the compliments...there are still some things I want to add...you might see some of them in the next few months.

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