Keelhaul Discography

I was cruisin' the web one day and saw an entry on Metal-Archives for "Progressive/math/sludge" and I came all over my self. After a fresh change of underwear I scoured the world for all I could find of this "Keelhaul" band who were apparently slow AND math-y...

What follows will completely blow your fucking mind. (All of Keelhaul's main LPs)

Keelhaul - Keelhaul (1998)

Keelhaul - II (2001)

Keelhaul - Subject to Change Without Notice (2003)


Patrick said...

Keelhaul is freakin' great.

Have you heard La Gritona? It's Dana's band before Keelhaul. It's a lot different than Keelhaul, but still fantastic.

Shiny Gray Monotone's got it at:

Robconoclast said...

Theres a new song up on their Myspace and the new alum is scheduled for spring 2009. Saw them play here last October in Cleveland and am stoked they are still making music.