Big Business. Tour EP III

^^This picture's an old one dated 2006, from my first time seeing both Big Business and the Melvins. I had only heard of Big Business from a friend of mine who saw them on their last tour then burned me a copy of their second Tour EP, which I cherished 'til I bought their first record. That's pretty much the reason why I've been trying to keep a full collection of Big Business' Tour EPs on the grinder blog. I'm just hoping that someone will go out of their way, give this a listen, and become a fan.

All in all, that's the purpose of this blog; convert our listeners into fans in hope that they go check out and support the band live. Most artists make a hell out a lot more money out of touring than they do releasing records (where sometimes labels and management intervene and take their large cut of the sales). If you find anything you like here...go see the band live and scream your throat raw!

This is the third Tour EP by Big Business, and it's freshly released. Make sure you buy a copy when Big Business and the Melvins come tearing through your town--I know I will.

Big Business - Tour EP III
(Thank you Sludge Swampers)

Here are the links to the other two BB Tour EPs:
Tour EP I
Tour EP II



the worried well said...

I'm diggin the Shocking Blue cover, they shoulda done Venus too.

Christian Baer said...

thanks dude.

could you upload floor's s/t by any chance? can't find in anywhere

fred said...

Yes, yes I could.

Anonymous said...

No way could they do a better version of "Venus" than that from the mighty Tom Jones.

Just bought the EP last night at the show in the ATL. Haven't listed yet, though.

Anonymous said...


drunk said...

Thanks for these tour EPs dude, the Big Business / Karp collection is now complete! Cheers.