Viva La Christpunchers!

I know we went over a little tiny bit of the Christpunchers in our last broadcast, but I don't feel like it was a sufficient introduction. (Plus I felt that our depiction of them, at least material wise, was inaccurate.)

So...THE CHRISTPUNCHERS. The Christpunchers are a 3 piece instrumental sludge/doom metal band from Detroit, formed in 2001 by Vince Williams (gits, ex-7000 Dying Rats), Josh Diebel (samples, also ex-7000 Dying Rats *vox*), and Mike Alonso (drums, possible ex-Seduce...? I'll try to get confirmation on that.) Conceived through a night of drinking, and free from the constraints of 7000 Dying Rats, due to a hiatus, the bastard band was born out of a bottle of whiskey, and set free to scourge the ears of metalheads and club goers throughout Detroit. Chainsaw guitar riffs and crashing cymbals capitalize on their intense pummeling presence; their tracks layered and supported by samples from cult favorites like "The Warriors" and "Airplane". These guys stand up to their namesake (lifted from an episode of "The Simpsons"), more so than pop-punkers "Christpunchers-MPLS". With audible influences including The Melvins and TAD, and attitudes fueled by their general disdain for their surroundings, these guys pack as much as they can into one big angry menacing package. The Christpunchers are currently distributing their material through Unfortunate Miracle Records.


Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Christpunchers (CDr)

Black Lung in the Age of Crime (CDr)

Cold Hands/Every Whore For Herself Single (7-inch)

Psalms For A New Dark Age

Confusion Formula V Compilation (Last Track - Conduit)

Hey, Free Music!
The Christpunchers - Introit - Grandier
The Christpunchers - Tread of the Iron Legion