Salome - Self-Titled

This is Salome (Sal-Om-May not Sal-Low-Me or Salami) from Northern Virginia. I had the pleasure of seeing these three at the Nowarehouse along with Oak and two other bands that I've completely forgotten about. There was some black or death metal band that seemed to be making a big deal about themselves because they were about to go to tour in Europe but who cares whatever.

Salome is heavy. Really heavy. A kind of crushing misanthropy that could have only come from a real shithole like Northern Virginia. The vocals are something akin to NOOTHGRUSH, something you wouldn't really expect from meeting their vocalist in person (she's apparently also the new vocalist for Agoraphobic Nosebleed). The guitar work is patient and sloth-like, occasionally breaking into Stoner Rock trips before bringing back the heavy. Most of the album keeps a crawling sort of pace with some bludgeoning riffs here and there (most of Black Tides).

Check it out:

Salome - Self-Titled
Buy (It's either this or you go to a show and buy it.)



Apoctosis said...

You know I was about to post this awhile back, but I figured since they just put it out I thought I should wait.

Also that other "death or black" band was doom metal band Evoken, who were also awesome that night. Total Disembowelment worship.

fred said...

EVOKEN...right. They were alright but I was worn out by the time they went on. And they played a fucking hour long set.

Apoctosis said...

Here's a better link to buy the album, they just released it on vinyl too.


Anonymous said...

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