Bedemon - Invocation to Doom

Bedemon is a concept band constructed by ex-Pentagram guitarist Randy Palmer back in the early 1970s. The band's namesake is twisted together from the combination of 'Behemoth' and 'Demon' (and the aid of a hard-of-hearing Bobby Liebling), reflecting the sinister attitude and heavy-riffing dished out in the group's early recordings. The project disintegrated with Palmer's induction into Pentagram, with a couple Bedemon songs, one of which being 'Starlady'--later released on 'First Daze Here', even making it into the folds of Pentagram's discos. There were plans to re-record the 70s material and release a full LP, but in an unfortunate turn of events, Randy Palmer died in a car accident in 2002, right as his plans for new recording sessions were starting to come together. Included is a full release of demos from their 1970s sessions--keep in mind these are in pretty Low Fidelity, but it's still a solid listen.

For fans of PENTAGRAM, Witchcraft, and Black Sabbbath:

Bedemon - Invocation to Doom



Jesus Crust said...

I'd always assumed that "bedemon" was coined as a synonymous alternative to "bedevil."

Anonymous said...

thanks - steve.

Cameron Davidson said...

Randy was a friend of mine. I was the Pentagram photographer I photographed Randy several times. I knew him from Junior High School on along with Geof, Bobby, Greg and Vincent.

Randy did not die in a car crash. He passed away a few days after the accident from injuries that occurred during the accident.