You guys remember Kowloon Walled City? Well, they're back (sort of), with their side project entitled 'Snailface'. This record's a complete offshoot from Kowloon's previous work (and it should be noted that this IS NOT a Kowloon Walled City release), and is being offered on their site for free download, but I figured I might upp it here as well.

'Snailface' is the Rock-LP the Melvins always wanted to record. A liberal-cramming of Cock-Rock (Transvaginal Organ Harvest), Alternative (Botanomancer) and shameless 70s nostalgia (Drug School), into a Stoner tromp worthy of Orange Goblin and the like results in a record that rings echoes of the Zebraman. I say it's a shame this isn't a legit band:

Snailface - Self Titled



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