It's nearly 5 o'clock, I've got another page to add to this fucking Shakespeare paper due in class later today at 2pm and I'm sitting here about to spend 30 minutes on a post why?

Castrovalva (UK) is a band I've been putting off for a good long while for no good reason besides from me being a lazy inactive asshole piece of shit. Point is, I finally sat down and listened all the way through their s/t mini album and am sitting here kind of dumbfounded that I, like a jackass, let this band slip by and sit on my hard drive without notice for like 3 fucking months. This band hemorrhages pure energy with the kind of determination only matched by bands like Lightning Bolt and Godstomper. Of course, I make these comparisons because they're fast as fuck and primarily a drums-n-bass kinda band.

...Alright, I'm going to use this really trite formula to describe this band: cram Sabot, GODSTOMPER, Lightning Bolt, and a tiny of MiTB into a blender, crank it up to bludgeon and you've got Castrovalva.

Castrovalva - S/T Mini Album

They're putting out a single with their new line-up titled "Thug Life"...preorder that here.

...and now it IS 5am. Fuuuuuuuck.



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